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Free game

posted by eedobaba (MEMPHIS, TN) Jan 27, 2011

Member since Jul 2006

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Yeah, Dead Space 2 is super awesome.
But I thought I'd just point out that on the ps3 version is an installable copy of Dead Space Extraction, which you keep on your hard drive after you send the game back. :)

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Great Game

posted by kbodin1 (LYNN, MA) Jan 25, 2011

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Member since Jul 2006

7 out of 14 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

The graphics are awesome plain and simple. It sometimes looks like im watching a movie the graphics are so good, the gameplay is a bit confusing at times, there is alot to do and choose from, but its still fun regaurdless. I like that this is a 3rd person game too, if it was 1st person i would have only given it a 7 rating. This is definetly worth renting, but most will end up buying it after playing it a few days.

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Very Good

Very Solid

posted by Greener (SATANTA, KS) Feb 1, 2011

Member since Mar 2009

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Dead Space was probably my favorite survival horror title since Resident Evil 4 on the ol Gamecube. Call me desensitized but people just dont know how to scare these days. But Dead Space fixed that problem, and Dead Space 2 improved it further..kinda. The game was much too short, i had it beat in just two sit downs. The gameplay is the same as the first with a couple minor changes. Zero gravity has been much improved as you are given full 360 degree movement of Isaac Clark. This makes zero g puzzles and combat much more satisfying. Crawling through vents and hacking various terminals are also welcome new features. Combat remains largely unchanged, although i felt like there was a much greater emphasis on using Stasis (which recharges slowly on its own now, a great addition). While i wont spoil it for new players, there are new enemies next to impossible to defeat without it. And some impressive AI with a particular later enemy. There are many additional weapons this time around but to me many felt unnecessary. A sniper rifle has no place in the cramped corridors of Dead Space. The story sadly is the games biggest problem. Its quite generic and loses momentum as the game gets towards the end. Isaac is haunted by Nicole his dead wife the entire game but it is IMPOSSIBLE to understand what she is saying. No subtitle feature and she always talks in a scratchy radio like broadcast that i just couldnt understand. Especially if there's any kind of background noise. The game has multiplayer but the idiots at EA require us to pay for all their games online services now if you did not actually purchase the game. With a rent you can get a two day pass to play online and its basically an exact copy of Left 4 Dead online but not near as good. The game is fun. Creepy and atmospheric with new cinematics that serve their purpose well. Not enough here to warrant a purchase in my humble opinion but thats why we have our friends here at Gamefly.

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