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Dead Space 2


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Dead Space 2

posted by lpcrierie (DUNKIRK, MD) Feb 6, 2011

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Member since Apr 2010

8 out of 13 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

Dead Space 2 is a great sequel for the fans of Dead Space. It definitely won't disappoint as far as gameplay and entertainment goes, though if you're looking for innovation between the two games, this won't be for you.

+ Most Graphics/Textures are the same, some better.
+ Physics are slightly better.
+ Still guarantees high scare factor.
+ Improved aiming.
+ Improved movement/'0-Gravity functionality.
+ More violence and a larger variation of spooks and puzzles.
+ Some improved elements, such as 'quick-healing,' constant melee and sprinting.
+ There's a great chance that your Mom will hate this game.

- Not much innovation.
- Could have seen newer enemies, as most of them are from the first game.
- Could have had newer weapons, as most of them are also from the first game.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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posted by BIGD378 (HIALEAH, FL) Jan 24, 2011

Member since Jun 2006

6 out of 10 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

awesome game, awesome graphics, awesome sound, sound effects are even better

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Above Average

like a prom date with a prude

posted by sheisster1 (DICKINSON, TX) Feb 3, 2011

Member since Apr 2008

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It's all flash and promises but you never get the sweet finish at the end of it all...

FANTASTIC sound design. Seriously. Whoever did the "foley"/sound effects should win multiple awards for their phenomenal work. The screams, clanks, whirrings, hydraulics, and other ambient atmospherics deserve the highest accolades.

The score is, well, a ubiquitous rehashing of horror movies. Orchestral hits with shrieking violins and blaring tubas are meant to emphasize necros jumping out of the walls at you..but frankly the musical score was more of a humorously overdone failure than something that solicited genuine fear.

About half the levels are stunningly beautiful and well thought out. The other half are redundant, claustrophobic, and unoriginal. How is it possible that a game could be so stunning and so bland at the same time? It's like opening a bottle of high end vodka and realizing your little brother drank it all and filled it up with tap water.

The enemies are too fast. Either that or Issac is too slow. Gameplay, as everyone else says, is poorly balanced. This is video game 101 here, folks. If you have nimble enemies, you simply must have a nimble hero. Either that or the game must have a hero with an extremely powerful arsenal. Don't make it easy. But for the love of all things right and decnt in the world...MAKE IT REASONABLE! I thought EA was above this sort of sophmoric fecklessness.

And finally...the last two levels are exponentially harder that the rest of the game. I am a level 13 on PSN, so I'm not a doofus newbie gamer. The number of enemies is ridiculous and only tends to exacerbate the problems I mentioned before....

All in all, I REALLY wanted to give this game a 8.5. But ugh...EA. Did you fire the folks in charge during the eleventh hour? Did some goober come in and take over and throw it all together in a hurried, ramshackle attempt 2 meet the release date?

Too bad. Could have been Game of The Year. sheisster1313

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