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Very Good

The first was better

posted by tkolnik (HUGO, MN) Feb 6, 2011

Member since Sep 2010

16 out of 24 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Don't get me wrong; this game is great. It just seems like this game was not as deep and not nearly as challenging as the last one. This game has more weapons then the last, but there were no in-game games (zero-g ball, shooting range) and way less boss battles!
I've been reading most of the reviews and it seems like people who really loved this game are fans of the series. If you haven't played the first; do yourself a favor and try it before you pick this one up.

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GF Rating


Isaac is in deep..

posted by UkManiak (ROCHESTER, NY) Jan 25, 2011

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Dead Space 2 is more alive than ever. Isaac is back and the necromorph are meaner than ever. The city you are now in, the sprawl has much more eye candy to see than the Ishamura. Isaac's suit and weapons look better, and he now has a voice and the personality suits this games genre very well.

You feel much closer to Isaac this time around for he may be infected and is having horrible hallucinations of his first love, Nicole. Not only is he being hunted by creatures but by his own government now as well. The emotional addition added to gameplay was well deserved and well played.

Those sweaty palms, my hearts-a-poundin' moments are back. The single player delivers and pleases beyond expectations. multiplayer on the other hand is another story.

Mulltiplayer is one mode, one boring and sloppy attempt at something new and fresh. Necromorphs vs. Humans, sounds better on paper than what was actually givin' to gamers. You will be bored with it rather fast which is a shame, because the concept of OmNomNoming a friends face off sounded lovely..

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good, but still has it's flaws.

posted by PaqmanDan (CLEARWATER, FL) Jan 29, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Dead Space was a surprise to many gamers, with them saying that the game was a good chance for the survival horror genre to survive. The game had it's flaws though, which kept it from being fantastic.

Now on January 25, Dead Space 2 has finally been released.

Dead Space 2 is an amazing thriller from beginning to end. Issac Clarke, the protagonist, now has a voice of his own. Being a very bold choice from Visceral Games, this functions well. There are good voice actors and the sound design is phenomenal.

There are still zero gravity sequences, and they have been improved also. Instead of jumping from place to place, the player flies, which is a lot more fun.

Although there many things that keep it a float, there are still flaws that can keep some players from playing the game. The combat can be extremely frustrating, sometimes there are really bad difficulty spikes, other times there could be need a for rear-view mirror. What I mean by that, is that there were many instances where the games has me focus on about three enemies in front me, while I am unaware that there is an enemy about to attack me from behind. Other times, you had to quickly hack an object before an enemy gets to you. It really does not help when the necromorph can run 50 mph. Also, I recommend to play the game on the easy difficulty, mainly because of the spikes i have mentioned before.

Although the game has these unfortunate flaws, there are still many reasons to play it. There are amazing moments in the game and story was well done for a horror game of this generation.

Rent it if you want to try it out. Buy it if you are a big fan of the first.

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