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Fantastic Game!

posted by treoptika (REDDING, CA) Feb 3, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

60 out of 64 gamers (94%) found this review helpful

Wow! Absolutely amazing game, but then again I am a fan of the series. I definitely agree with another users earlier review that this game is essentially a massive level pack for dead space 1. There's not a lot of ''new'' here, but as the old axiom goes don't fix what ain't broke. This game delivers on the scares, perhaps not as much as the original because of the fact that you've by now already played a dead space game and know what to expect.

A few slow spots here and there were actually Welcome additions to the game, as it gave me a moment to stop and breathe. If you want the genuine experience, send your room mate's off for the night. Sit directly in front of the screen, crank the sound up, and play in the dark.

I noticed there were a few internet tough guys on here all claiming how the game isn't at all scary or shouldn't even be reviewed as survival horror. Firstly, bump the settings up to the hardest available difficulty. Secondly, play in the dark alone with surround sound. Inevitably the jump scares are going to stop tricking you, but the real joy is in the overall ambiance of the game. I constantly felt like a person lost in the jungle with only a knife and a single bottle of water.

Oh. And as for all the "comic-book-guy" critics out there over-analyzing the plot or specific points of the story. Get over it. Its a story about freakin' alien space monsters. It's not such a horrible thing to suspend your belief for a minute and just go with the imagination. It's not like it's outlandishly crazy like Indiana Jones surviving a nuclear explosion in a fridge.

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GF Rating


DS2 Delivers

posted by Jsway76 (EUREKA, CA) Jan 30, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

20 out of 23 gamers (87%) found this review helpful

First of all, I want to say that I've read all of the reviews of this game on Gamefly and to be honest, I'm a bit ashamed of some of you. Giving the game a poor rating after only playing for 30 minutes is pathetic. If you quit that early on, you have no idea what you're missing. Moving on.

This is possibly the best sci-fi/action/survival horror game of all time. Sure it starts off slow, but the developers are building up to something here. For the first hour or so, they are setting the tone and mood for the story. If you can get to the "train sequence", you'll see what I mean. From then on out, Dead Space 2 is a constant thrill ride. The scares are perfect and unexpected. The storyline is engrossing and addictive. The graphics are top of the line for a console game, and the sound is subtle, eerie, and at the same time explosive and horrific. DS2 never fails to surprise or to deliver a complete, action packed, immersive gaming experience.

Isaac Clarke has gone from an "everyman suffering through his worst nightmare" to a "seasoned, had it up to here bad mamma-jamma". Which is the natural progression for someone who has done this before. And yet, all of the stress and violence has taken it's toll on him.

I am praying that the franchise continues if they are going to make such a close to perfect game as this one.

Yes, the multiplayer is seriously lacking, but I didn't buy this game to dismember my online friends. I bought it for a truely engaging, action packed, and horrific gaming experience. Which is exactly what I got.

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GF Rating



posted by JusticeArt (GRANBURY, TX) Jan 24, 2011

Member since Apr 2008

18 out of 27 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

My favorite game genre is survival horror, and the Dead Space titles are at the top of the list. I’m 29 and have been playing and collecting games since ATARI. And out of all the games I have ever played (which are a lot) I have never played a game as much as Dead Space; great game. Now the sequel is finally here and it’s amazing. This game (like the first one) has me constantly holding my breath, and admiring the details of the horrific art and designs. This game is definitely a heart pounding thrill ride and a must own game. I give this game a 10 for truly staying on top of the modern competition in what’s to be expected on todays games.

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