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Scare Factor Quickly Changes to Frustration

posted by djdesigner (WINCHESTER, KY) Apr 29, 2014

Member since Mar 2011

For the first quarter/half of this game, I thoroughly enjoyed it. But as the game progresses, the frustration level seems to spike drastically. I understand that this is a horror game so the feel of constant danger/despair is part of the game. But when just about every corner I turn, I end up coming across a nearly impossible to beat necromorph or being barraged by multiple necromorphs coming at me from every angle, the game is no longer a fun experience. Add to that the ever decreasing access to ammo and health and it gets to be just too much to handle. Its disappointing because I really enjoy the story and want to continue playing, but its as if the game is trying its best to make me want to give up on it entirely.

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Scary movies don't scare me; this game scares me!

posted by giuseppesc (WARREN, MI) Feb 1, 2014

Member since Jun 2004

I really do loathe scary movies, because, in reality, they aren't scary. They can be hokey and opt to startle you rather than write a script that truly terrifies the mind. Having said that, this game scared the adrenaline right out of me, ironically, for startling me (and I cannot, for any reason explain why I hate it in movies, but loved it in this game), and then putting me in these low-survival rate situations that I barely tap danced my way through on many occasions.

Finding yourself in situations where your credits and your stock are scantly qualified to support you from area to area, or store to store, happens often. This type of anxiety keeps the fear alive, I'd say moreso, than the actual combat, or that startling factor I keep prattling on about. That tact of averaging out the proper amount of ammo and goods for the game is a credit to the developers of this game; I think it helps you integrate yourself more with Isaac. Atmosphere accomplished!

The voice acting is good in this game, although it did get a bit cartoonish at times. The death animations were beautifully gory, straight from the mind of a hyperactive 13 year-old boys mind. If I wasn't far from my last savepoint, and I encountered a new enemy, I allowed myself to be killed just to see how far the animators took it. I was never once dissatisfied.

This game built on what was good about Dead Space and then built upon it. Play the game, at night, with the lights off for full effect.

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looks like its gonna be awesome cant wait to play!

posted by CrazyOpossum17 (MC VEYTOWN, PA) Jul 30, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

i was watching it on YouTube (walk-through) and it looked awesome but i saw some comments and i started to second guess but I don't care and i'm going to get it on either gamefly or at gamestop and see how it is myself point is i'm looking forward to the game and can't wait to play it its going to be sick, cool, bloody, gorey the whole nine yards!!!!!!!!! :D :P

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