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Amazing ride the whole way!

posted by TXsucks (HOUSTON, TX) Feb 5, 2011

Member since May 2009

This game is an amazing game! They improved on all of the things that they were lacking on in the first one. The graphics are top notch and the shading and lighting are even better, the story line will keep you engaged and submersed in this 3rd person sci-fi shooter. Not to mention that they improved the controls a lot so no more having to aim your weapon in order to reload it. The RIG has been revamped competly for easier useage for the player. Now the only thing I found to be less than perfect was the multiplayer now I'm not saying it's bad but it will probably get very repetitive very fast. This game is a definite rent. The campaign has a lot of replay value and the multiplayer isn't terrible. Definitely rent this game and if you don't like it... Well just be happy you have GameFly.

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posted by joshstory (CORONA, CA) Feb 4, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

this is my first review. i enjoyed this game so much i just added dead space 1 to my que. great game great graphics, and challenging. It gets pretty intense u have to take breaks! i have not played the multiplayer but as far as the campain goes all in all theres nothing i didnt like about the game.

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tons of what made the first awsome!

posted by jbruggs (DAYTON, OH) Jan 31, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

Pros: this game brings back many elements of what made the first so addicting. the dismemberment, the weapons, the 3rd person in game style and HUB, and lets not forget the scares/soundtrack! On a number of levels this is beefed up. New wepons that are loads of fun and a great overhaul on your character play. Issac moves faster and you now can manuver in Zero-G. Your telekenesis and Stasis are much more useful and the stasis recharges itself over time. ANother bonus is the variety of suits, there are many and each has a diffent perk to it. The story is just as rich, and the pacing just keeps you moving at an insane rate. bigger/harder enemies pop up more often, and they're are just loads more necromorphs to kill. Then there are those little touches that make as much of an impression. Certain parts in the game just make you say," HOLY CUSS!" The enviornment of every area is unique and scary beautiful, a great example is when your are in the church of unitology. There are many places in the game where content is interactive and just adds so much flavor to the game. And to par with that, that graphics are just so great, every chance you get to look out a window I reccomend you do it...if you dont shoot it out that is:)

Cons: What made the fisrt game even better was the amount of audio logs that provide a little backstory, in DS2 they're are just no where near as many. There are also little points in the game when you have to hack and vent crawl, I just foud them to be annoying when they happended, but rest assured its not all the time. My other gripe is how this game kinda felt like Bioshock. You see the outside, you go outside, but it does not happen enough, being in a city I expected a bit more grandscale, and a bit more interacton with the populace, but it happens rarely. 1 more is towards the end of the game, the pukers, you"ll see. the muliplayer..dont bother.

Summary: The game is amazing but the final boss/ending is a bit weak. But hey, DEAD SPACE 3 anyone!

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