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posted by pheyespy (ALTUS, OK) Feb 9, 2011

Member since Sep 2008

This game.... I love this game.

My first play through was a six hour run on a Friday night. I got off work and played until 2 am.

Everything that makes game a great is here. Visual and audio affects, tight controls and camera angles, and an intense story.

As always the game feels like you are right there with Clark, the lack of an bulky HUD really keeps you in the game. Although the stoic Clark for the first game was cool. No one goes through that without being changed, but he is still very human and doesn't copy an established video game archetypes.

A quick word on EA's marketing campaign. My mom took me to the release of Aliens in 1986 I was 6 years old. She loves scary movies and loves watching scary video games. That being said EA was too heavy handed marketing it. This game's pedigree alone was enough to make me want to buy it. Basically this game deserved better than what EA's marketing department came up with.

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best horror/action game so far

posted by GeeBaba (ORANGE PARK, FL) Feb 7, 2011

Member since May 2009

this is just for people who didnt like the 1st one, this one is amazing and you should play it, you can even play it 2 pr 3 times over with the new suits it keeps giving you and upgrading weapons, your mom dont like it but you will, unless your a sissy

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Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

posted by HvnsAngel (ENUMCLAW, WA) Feb 5, 2011

Member since Jun 2006

Dead Space 2 is an improvement on the original Dead Space from 2008 in almost every way. The team at Visceral have done a great job in taking Isaac to the next level by giving him a voice and letting his thoughts and feelings show through as the story progresses.

The story is told well and the cast of characters is interesting and finding audio and text logs throughout your journey can give you even more inside into everything. If you’ve played the original some questions will be answered while others will come up.

Game play in Dead Space 2 is largely unchanged from the 1st. Tighter controls, new weapons and upgrades. The suits that you can find and purchase now have special traits to them such as a store discount, increased weapon damage, or faster hacking time. You still use nodes and work benches to upgrade equipment, and be warned the doors that require a node to open are still in the sequel so I recommend having at least 1 on hand always. The fear factor is still here but, if you again have played the original you’ll have a bit of an idea as of what to expect.

Which brings me to my next point while Dead Space 2 can stand on its own and is a fantastic game, it goes to a new level if you played the 1st. There are moments and an entire mission which bring you back to the first encounter, mistake, and as a player your experience. You expect things that may or may not happen, simply because the original had you wired by the 2nd play through as to what you need to expect and Visceral plays on that in a few areas to get inside your and get your blood pumping.

So like chocolate and peanut butter, Dead Space 2 is a great game and while the 1st isn’t a required play, mixing the 2 together makes a better experience in terms of story, gameplay, and fear factor.

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