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Well Worth the 50 dollars

posted by LaVieBoehme (OAK HARBOR, WA) Mar 3, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

Dead Space 2 is of course the sequel to Dead Space 1. Now the obvious is out of the way. Lets gets down to business.

You play the character Issac Clarke. The soul survivor of a repair operation gone wrong. Aboard the ship known as the USG Ishimura, houses a series of horrors that that can leave you sleeping with the light on and having your famous machete close to your bed. The enemies you face generally deal a series of different kinds of "space zombie" known as the Necromorphs. Dead Space 2 continues Issac's adventure and the after math when escaping the God-forsaken ship.

When you come to. You find yourself aboard a medical station known as, the Sprawl along the moons of Saturn. The Necromorph out break has leaked onto the station and Issac must set out to destroy the one artifact known as the Marker. Which has been creating this nightmare.

First gotta say. If you can take the jumpy moments, the serious blood gore, and sheer creepiness of this game. You'll still find your self on constant paranoia while playing. The changes from 1 - 2 make the game much easier to cope with. They make Issac talk in 2 which makes it much easier to connect with the guy. It was fun watching him go through not just the physical challenges. But the mental and emotion trauma he was currently dealing with as well. When I get the new armor I felt like even more awesome then before. And if you want a real challenge. Play through the game with nothing but a plasma cutter. Makes things more interesting. The detail to the game is phenomenal. Voice acting was perfect. Animation went off with out a hitch. Only came across one glitch in the game. Which sort of made me chuckle a bit. The game has it s funny moments.

Above all the Game is well worth the drop of 60 bucks. Every thing to the game flowed well. And it deserves a perfect 10/10.

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Easily one of the best games of the Year.

posted by EvanHaseo (CHICO, CA) Mar 2, 2011

Member since Jul 2005

Dead Space 2 takes place on the Human Colony known as The "Sprawl" located on Saturn's Moon.


You play as Isaac Clarke, who was subject to experimentation after the events of the first game, and like any person in this situation he wants to get the FOCK off the Sprawl, but the Necromorphs that are spreading through out the Sprawl aren't going to make it easy for him.


Like the first game Dead Space 2 is basically a third person shooter like the gears of war series. But what sets Dead Space apart from other shooters is "strategic dismemberment system" which basically means aim for the limbs, this causes more damage and it also brings a bit of strategy to the mix, rather then the typical aim for the head Gunplay. As for weapons: Isaac acquires' mostly engineering tools.


Visceral has made one fine looking game and not just what you see is is whats great the sound is whats truly incredible, that the animation is what makes these grotesk monsters come too life, lastly there is absolutely no graphical issues at all.


SEVERED DLC 560 MSP/$7.00 a second scenario, and also 3 weapon and suit packs each are 400 MSP/$5.00.


For ME this is a perfect game so I give it a 10/10.

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Good, but not Great

posted by AirmaX (HUNTERSVILLE, NC) Mar 2, 2011

Member since Mar 2007

I will preface this with I'm not a huge fan of the space genre. I like the graphics a lot but to me it seems a little repetitive. The weapon effects are okay but no "wow" moments for me. I'm sure ramping up the difficulty will defiantly be an accomplishment but other than that, I don't think I'll play it again. However, It's definitely worth a rental on gamefly!

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