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Dead space 2? more like dead space 1 and a waste..

posted by Huzoozoo (GRANADA HILLS, CA) Jan 29, 2011

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..of time. This is a rare time when I both play the original game before the sequel and quite enjoyed it. However the sequel is exactly the same as the first game except since the first game was original and interesting, the sequel just apes the freakin' first game and there are almost no surprises since you've seen them all before.

You play as Issac Hayes and I guess you happen to be crazy in this game. Now, I liked the first game because Issac didn't talk. I don't care about his dialogue because he didn't need it. He was a blank character that I could imbue with my personality. Now he's dropping F-bombs (which shocked me so much I forbade my 10 year old daughter from playing past chapter 13) and trying to pass a semblance of plot or something when in reality you go where some jag off tells you with no question.

You travel through the most unimpressive space station i've ever seen. It apparently consists of 2 apartment blocks and a hospital and a secret lab. Oh and like half-a-block's worth of kid stores. That's it, you end up back tracking through all these locals and they don't get anymore interesting like the 3 separate visits to medical in DS1.

In fact you end up visiting a local from DS1 and that ends up being the most enjoyable part of the game, because it tricks you into thinking that your playing dead space 1.

So this game is exactly DS1 with terrible levels, all the same guns and 2 new ones, the same enemies and 2 new ones. That's about it.

Even though the endgame level of the first game was probably the worst of the whole thing, it has nothing on the last level of dead space 2. In this level the game forgets it's a horror-action game in tight corridors and pretends it's mass effect 2 or something as it just gets bored and throws enemies at you because they blew all their cool set pieces an hour ago. Seriously you're running around and blasting guys with 6 space bullets left? What is that? Is that scary, forgetting enemies take 3 shots to kill?

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