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An Engaging Ride That Doesn't Let You Go

posted by Nytraz (RAMONA, CA) Jan 25, 2011

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If I could rate this game on just it's Single Player experience, it would easily be a 10/10. Everything that you loved from the original Dead Space is back, and all the kinks have been ironed out and improved tenfold.

Many of the familiar weapons are back here, including some favorites like the Plasma Cutter, the Line Gun and the Force Gun, as well as a couple new ones that are extremely fun to use, mainly the Javelin gun. The game feels much more action oriented and is very fast paced, always keeping you on the edge of your seat. But any of you horror fans don't need to worry. So far, this game feels as scary if not even scarier at times then the original. I've nearly jumped out of my seat a couple times now.

Graphically, the game looks just absolutely astounding. Everything from fires to dimming lights really draws you into the game, and Issac's new RIG makeover looks great. The controls are also much more fluid then the first one, making it a lot easier to stomp a crate on the go or make a quick turn around when need be. You also can reload without having to bring your gun up, making it easier to escape and chamber more rounds into that weapon. The best part by far though is being able to use enemies limbs to impale themselves. I can't count the number of times being able to do this has saved me ammo and my own skin.

The sound is spot on, like you'd expect from the first Dead Space. It's used expertly to get you spinning around to check what you just heard plenty of times. And the story is extremely well spun, spurring you on to figure out what really is happening here on this station.

The only downside is the multiplayer. While it can be fun, it does tend to seem kind of tacked on, more of a gimmick then anything. But if you're buying Dead Space 2 for the multiplayer, you need to get your priorities straight!

All in all, I would say definitely rent this game if you're into an action horror. Just know that this one isn't for the faint of heart.

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Almost perfect

posted by Markus1142 (SOMERVILLE, NJ) Mar 7, 2011

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52 out of 56 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

Dead Space burst onto the scene a while back, and changed the survival horror genre. The bar had been raised when it came to terrifying gamers, by providing genuine tension, quality story, and well developed characters and locations in place of the cliched tropes and recycled plotlines.

And Dead Space 2 still manages to be an improvement over its predecessor in almost every way. The single player campaign is a decent length (10-15 hours on a first playthrough) and builds on the first game, while perfectly setting up a third. New Game + lets you start over with all your upgrades and inventory on a different difficulty setting. All the previous weapons return, and new ones are introduced.

The fantastic decompression and zero-G sections from the first game are no longer limited to indoor sections of the Ishimura, or to your gravity boots - huge sections of Titan Station and its surroundings are now open to full 3-d exploration.

The multiplayer, while limited, is entertaining - a team of 4 humans try to achieve objectives while a team of 4 necromorphs try to stop them. There is only one game mode with five maps available (for now, anyway) so it gets a bit repetitive, but the humans' objectives have some diversity to keep it fresh.

There are a few frustrations with the game; items carried with kenesis will sometimes just vanish, and the enemy spawning feels cheap at times, with necros spawning behind you or right on top of you at will.

The other big dissappointment is EA's online license. You get a 2 day trial of the multiplayer mode, then you need to buy a $10 license to continue to play multiplayer (unless you purchase the game outright, and use the code that comes with a bought copy of the game.)

The multiplayer isn't a huge part of DS2, but fortunately, the single player campaign easily stands on its own. Definitely worth at least a rental, if not an outright purchase.

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Single player heaven

posted by vegetacampbell (BROOKFIELD, IL) Feb 9, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

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This is the greatest survival horror game I have ever played. If you're looking for just multiplayer though; look elsewhere. EA wants you to pay to play if you rent it. Besides that weak fact this game is brilliant. If you like sci fi/horror do not hesistate to rent this.

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