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Dead Rising


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dead rising

posted by navycook (CORPUS CHRISTI, TX) Aug 17, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

pretty good game but i really dont like not being able to save when i want and if you get killed you have to start over.the time limit in the game is something i really didnt like since you cant really explore to much.

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posted by bornonce (ALLEN, TX) Aug 17, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

I had high hopes for this game, as Capcom seems to be supporting the 360 with some great next-gen titles. However, I found the game text and icons to be so small that, at least on my 27" HDTV monitor, the game was unplayable.

The three issues with the game are crucial:

(1). Unreadable text and controller icons. The choice of font, size, and color of the test made the game a major pain (literally - my eyes hurt). With NO means of adjustment, the game was DOA as far as I was concerned (even those with a 60" HD monitor have complained about the poor choice of text and icons).

(2). Voice. There is an option to turn off the text, but it didn't help because only a FEW of the instances in the game had VOICE from the characters. This was very disappointing and inexcusable for a next-gen game.

(3). Game Saves. They are FEW and FAR betwwen. There is only ONE game save slot! (What was CapCom thinking?). If ever there was a game that needed multiple game saves it is this one.

It has nice graphics for the most part, but, really, I never felt a part of the game like I did with Halo, Halo 2, Half-Life 2, etc. The controls feel a bit off to me, and, although using different devices to smash zombies shoud be fun (but How do you KILL a zombie; they are already dead!), it can get a bit repetitive. Much of the mall is not interactive, and that doesn't help the experience either.

CapCom has said that they will "look into" the issues, but that is not enough to satisfy me that this game was ready for release. A little more attention to detail and gameplay could have made a great gaming experience. In my opinion, the current effort (like so many other 360 games) is just so-so.

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not online enabled

posted by gonzo6499 (SACRAMENTO, CA) Aug 14, 2006

Member since May 2006

the only thing I dont like about this game is that it is not online enabled like game fly says it is, if you look it up on xbox com it will show the truth!!!!!!! gamefly lies to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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