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GF Rating

Above Average

Above average, and worth a rent

posted by Billiam (SPOKANE, WA) Aug 21, 2006

Member since Oct 2004

Dead Rising is a fair game with a few flaws. First, the good. The story is interesting, and there are tons of different weapons to use. Some awesome examples are the lawn mower, a convertible, and a Katana. There are also some cool combat moves, like the roundhouse kicks. Killing zombies with different weapons is very fun and enjoyful.

But there are probably more flaws to this game than there is good things. The first problem I had is the tiny text! If you do not have an HDTV it is extremely hard to read any text in this game. Second the save system is very lacking. You can only have 1 save game, and you can only save in bathrooms and at the safe house. Believe me this gets very annoying. Another annoyance, although minor is the radio. Otis continually calls you on the radio. You cannot jump or do anything while talking on the radio, so it is very easy to die while trying to read the tiny text from the radio popups.(because there's no VO for the radio convos) Another flaw is rescuing multiple people. Rescuing one person can be hard, but rescuing two at once is extremely hard. Most of the time you can hold one persons hand, or carry them. But the other person is pretty much screwed. The last and final annoyance is the psychopaths, they are extrememly hard and annoying.

Dead Rising is a fair game, and you'll get enjoyment out of it. It's just there are too many flaws to make this worth buying. So it's a rental.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Button Mashing

posted by cayceman (AUSTIN, TX) Aug 21, 2006

Member since Oct 2005

Good graphics but terrible game play. Run here hit the X button a lot. Run there and do the same. Lost interest after 10 minutes.

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GF Rating


Missed the mark...

posted by RandallG (SACRAMENTO, CA) Aug 18, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

More time should have been put into development here. The game missed the mark on a few key points.

1. Load times are horrible - 30 second load time for 30 second cut scenes.

2. Voice doesn't match animation - Ashley Simpson has better lip syncing skills.

3. The undead die (again) with one punch? - 'nuff said.

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