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GF Rating

Very Good

The best time I've ever had at working

posted by KrispyD (YORK, PA) Sep 12, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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No, I didn't play the game at work. Playing this game was like work, but fun.

The game starts off really great and the whole idea of it is just, in Frank's words, "Fantastic!" I've always been one of those people who would watch an old zombie movie and say how easy it would be to get away from some slow moving dead people, but this game shows you how insanely hard that can really be.

See, a zombie goes down as easy as Gallagher smashed watermelons with a sledgehammer, and in not do dissimilar a fashion, but they surround you, and while you get distracted by one, some other worm snackycake will grab you from behind and have you pause just long enough to get gang raped by 10 to 100 walking dead. It's really an eye opening experience, and the game should be played by everyone just to see how truly tough it would be to survive a zombie invasion.

Seriously though, the game is crazy fun at first, even barring the glaring problem of only having one save game; perhaps the stupidest and most genius thing in a game ever. See, if you die, you can load a saved game, or start over, keeping your stats, and it's really a tough call sometimes, because you don't want to lose the skills you've gained, but you don't want to start all over again either. Frustrating.

Which is the perfect word for this game. It's a nice casual romp of blood and guts and bits of skull, but it really gears up towards the hard-core at some points, the one-save being one of them.

Getting more than just a few of the achievements and unlockables requires multiple playthroughs. Even playing through just once is nearly impossible as you just won't level up fast enough to deal with the challenges towards the end.

In the end, and it's somewhat my fault for trying to get all the achievements, the game becomes a bit tedious and boring, as you've likely played through several times already before going yet again to try and unlock some other goody. Still, smashing zombie skulls is always fun.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A game that could be better, but is great.

posted by Zane101 (POWELL, TN) Aug 13, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

8 out of 8 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Dead Rising is a great game, no doubt about it. I played it on the 360 a long time ago, and didnt get too far and didnt tyhink twice about it. But, I picked it up again and little did I know it would be so fun.

You, the player, can make this game fun or not.

You can make it fun if you enjoy killing zombies with household tools and appliances, and wanna level your character for bonuses and WWE-inspired wrestling moves. You can try out the story, and even finish it later if you want, or you can try t do it all in one go, once you know what to do and what to get. You even have a camera, so you can be creative.

You can also make the game suck, by complaining about how The Convicts will keep getting you, the save system, the cases, which you have to make it to on time... like in real life... or, you can get annoyed by quick-time events.

No, the game is fun, one of the best i have played on the Xbox 360, but it may be too hard for some. If you find it too hard, then enjoy messing around. Thats why I bought the game in the first place!

Graphics: 8/10, Not the best, but good. Text sucks to read without an HDTV.

Story: 7/10, a sketchy plot with forgettable characters and silly boss battles (physcopaths)

Gameplay: 9.5/10, Easily the best part of the game, killing zombies has never been as fun as in this game. Same with bosses and people.

Controls: 8/10, You jump with A, Attack with X, Interact with B, Use the D-pad and bumpers for item management, etc, etc.

Entertainment: 9/10: Its how you interpret it. You may get annoyed and give up, or you may take the bad with the good and have a blast.

Overall: 8/10, a good rental for zombie junkies and for fun, but it may be too simple if you arent up for a real challenge.

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GF Rating


a good game even better if you have patience

posted by LAX5150 (BOONTON, NJ) Mar 11, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

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I found the game great all the zombie smashing fun you could ever ask for. The story is great, good cliffhangers and makes you wanna continue. Adding suspense by seeing if you can save survivors you stumble across on and uncovering the truth about the Willamette incident keeps the game interesting. However in order to get the full experience of the game and enjoy every boss fight and the thrill of saving people you'll have to replay the game multiple times. Especially, with several different endings players with patience will enjoy repeating the game every time you beat it. If you don't have the patience and just want to smash zombies and find out who is to blame you should just focus on the main storyline. Overall it's a great game with alot of twists and turns and great hi-def graphics.

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