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Dead Rising


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Keep clothes

If you die and choose to save and start a new game, you will be wearing whatever items of clothing you had when you saved. This means you could be naked except for your boxers, wearing children's clothing, etc.

Easy "strike" Acheivment

Grab a bowling ball as a weapon when you go through the hole in the clock tower (This will only work if you get the true ending & Over Time). Use the bowling ball in the aiming mode down the walk way or in the maintenance tunnels.

Special Drink

Combine different foods and beverages in a blender. Do not drink a black or green drink.

Easy PP

Go to the gym in Al Fresca Plaza and run on a treadmill until you get 2,000 PP for it. Keep doing it to all of them until you get to the last one. You will get 2,000 PP for doing it and you will now get 10,000 PP for doing all of them. Then walk over to the punching bags and destroy them for 2,000 PP each, and 10,000 PP for destroying all of them.

Submachine gun

Jump from the stairs closest to you when you start to the blue ledge above Kid's Choice Clothing. Keep following the walkway past the stuffed bear all the way to the end to find it.


n the Food Court, go to the sign with the Italian chef. Climb to its left side. At the top is an Uzi.

Easy PP

In the toy shop, hit the giant servbot until the swirly eyes are lined up with the sad face for 10,000 PP.

Perfect Weapon's (Need at least 5 item slots)

When you answer the call about "The space rider roller coaster" in Wonderland Plaza, Beat adam And pick up his small chainsaw walk to the rides control pannel & examin it, watch the cut scene then tere should be another chainsaw, pick it up. walkaway from the ride following Greg, but stop by the book store and grab "Criminal biography". follow him to the womans bath room and jump on the counter. there is an air vent that brings you to Paradise Plaza, go to the book store under Columbian Roastmaster and grab the "Entertainment" and "Engineeering" Magazines. The chainsaws now last 9x longer than normal.

Easy way to find wasp queens

Exit the warehouse & go to the book store in front of you the first book shelf on your left Grab that book and look for green emblems(Some emblems are fallen zombies)