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Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop


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Also on:Xbox 360
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1794 ratings

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GF Rating

Above Average

Good and Bad

posted by DrMarten (SAYLORSBURG, PA) Apr 9, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

I was on the line with this one. I was being GENEROUS in giving it a rating of 6. It is fun, but I got tired of it and finished it quickly.
I read alot about people saying how much better it is on the Wii than the 360, but does that really make it a good game? I never played it on 360, and I'm glad, because if it was worse...well, I don't wanna think about that.
I just really thought it was lame to have all the dialogue written on the screen...and the dialogue was corny anyway.
I guess I really only liked running over the zombies with the lawn mower. Besides that, I can think of much better games to spend my time on.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Big improvement over 360 version

posted by Nergle (SPRING VALLEY, CA) Mar 30, 2009

Member since Jun 2007

I'm having a blast playing this and I've beaten the XBox version months ago. I like the focus on guns, much less of a pain in the anus then previous version. You are also much less of a slave to the clock than before, and the storyline plays out much less hectically. All in all, a much improved game and definitely worth playing!

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GF Rating


Parrots and Poodles

posted by jibble (SANDY, UT) Mar 4, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

No more consulting with Otis over the phone, no running through Leisure Park's array of beautiful flowers and ponds, no simple access to motor vehicles and forget about taking the occasional snap shot of a delicious lickable or distraught zombie; these features seem to have all gone missing, along with the fear that a zombie may uninvitedly enter the picture and snack on your pantry. This fear has been replaced with death by an overly cloned poodle and parrot combo who wreak more havoc on your program than any one individual psychopath could hope to deliver or devise. I love Frank, I love his cause and everything he puts up with to discover the truth and secure survivors though will not be able to join nor support him through a parallel set of tasks outside the xbox 360 format. However, if the Wii version is your first exposure to Dead Rising, you're in luck. Brilliant. You can change the color of the blood to green and tell the kids that Frank is just performing liposuction on an array of jello ingesting individuals and then save your progress in more places than just the men's room, security office or Carlito's hideout; and when food enthusiast Ronald asks you for a well cooked steak, just look over your shoulder and there it will be. Perfect.

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