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posted by dapenetrator (SAVANNAH, GA) Jun 6, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

it is preaty good its a mixture of gta and resident evil, its a zombie game your mission is to find your way out and complete missions and side mission there is a good number of zombies I like it cause at times it has more xzombies than you can handle and u can mix weapons and cars to have a more powerful weapon or vehicles and there is 100 diff weapon mixtures and u can wear different clothes, its great, not the best but preaty good and its not a nightmare creepy game....

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Good Concept, Horrible Controls

posted by MWD83 (OLD FORGE, PA) Jun 5, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

I love zombie games/movies. Grew up on the Resident Evils. This game is nothing like that. Almost no strategy involved. It's fun, in a simplistic kind of way. As others mentioned, crafting creative weapons and vehicles is fun. The missions get monotonous after awhile. You have to keep going back and forth, by yourself, over and over.

The worst part of this game is the controls. Your character moves like he is on ice skates. The combat situations in this game don't work with the controls. Not a fan of having to fight a boss that takes 4,000 rounds to kill. It's pretty much button - mashing and frustration against them. Never been as frustrated during a game as this one. Your life seems to deplete easily and trying to find food to replenish your health during a fight is even more frustrating.

Overall, graphics and scenery are the only reason this gets a 5. XBox1 graphics are pretty sick. The amount of zombies is awesome. But Microsoft should've scaled down the combat a bit, or made the controls more situated for combat. This is the only game I sent back before beating, and I always finish games. It's worth a rental to kill a day or two, but don't waste too much time on it.

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Very Good

Great Game

posted by M204 (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) May 27, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

Dead Rising 3 is an overall great game, but it lacked in a few areas for me. This is the first time I played the Dead Rising series. The graphics are great and the amount of zombies on screen at once is insane. Game runs great, tons of ways to kill zombies. The game just did not keep my attention. But cant fault the game.

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