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A big improvement from Dead Rising

posted by LastNight5 (DENVILLE, NJ) Sep 27, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

42 out of 56 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

1) The addition of multiplayer makes playing and replaying the game worth the money spent, and it gives you more incentive to play with friends and replay the game.
2) Combo rooms/cards give a much wider array of weapons and combinations, allowing you to up your arsenal and create more brutal zombie killing weapons.
3) The AI system seems much less broken than the original. Survivors don't get attacked nearly as much and tend to be more independent. They do however sometimes shoot or attack you, which can be annoying if it forces you to restart. Speaking of restarting...
5) Save points are much more frequent, making restarting a lot easier and less time consuming.
6) Much like the first game, the leveling-up system makes you want to replay the game in order to get achievements and collectibles that you couldn't at the lower levels.
7) Psychopaths are much, much more messed up than the original, and tend to be harder. This makes the game in my opinion more challenging and more alluring in the second or third playthrough.

1) The AI system still needs improvement. Survivors are still slow in their reactions and movements, but this may add tension and suspense to the game for some players.
2) The graphics are much cleaner looking, but could be better.
3) The game keeps you on a strict time-limit, making collecting and exploring hard.
4) For some reason, I didn't feel quite comfortable with the controls. They can feel clunky at times.
5) Finally, the storyline doesn't quite engross you into the game. The importance of getting Zombrez for Katy may be the only reason players feel attached to the game. The psychos and constant destruction left by them may turn you off from playing, but others may enjoy the craziness of their actions.

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Fatal Flaws 4/10

posted by a_walker (DAVIS, CA) Jun 16, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

8 out of 11 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

This game could have been awesome, and parts of it are. But when will game developers learn to eliminate strict time restraints and escort missions? Those things being said, I could have lived with this game if it weren't for one key issue: the ridiculousness of the human "psycho" bosses. You'll be incredibly frustrated by their amazing speed and seemingly everlasting life bars. Shotgun? It can wipe out 5 zombies at once, but barely stuns a boss and takes out maybe 5% of their health. I'd like to know how a 290lb chef can run faster than me, essentially a fit zombie murderer. Realism is clearly what I look for in a zombie game.

The rest of the game is fun and would rate higher if it wasn't essentially the original Dead Rising with the ability to combine weapons. The setting, which was billed as a Vegas style city, is a mall. No doubt about it, it's a mall with the occasional slot machine bank.

Wiping out waves of zombies with spiked bats, sledgehammers, and bowie knives is always fun. If they had a "survival option" where you could actually play the 72 hours in real time with Fallout type side quests to keep you interested, I would buy this game twice.

But it doesn't, so I won't buy it once.

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GF Rating

Very Good

If it wasn't for load times

posted by Painamatio (LORAIN, OH) Oct 18, 2010

Member since Mar 2009

7 out of 10 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

The game improves alot from the first but if you didn't like the first or couldn't comprehend restarting to get stronger Via leveling up.Then go play Sonic!

CONS: for me are
Load Times Loadtimes load times what gen game is this?They actully almost make the game not worth playing.

Guns are hardly worth a thing.might as well be hitting them with a nerf gun.

Online TIR finding a match or dropping it before it starts and again LOAD TIMES! Havent co oped so I can't comment on that.

PROS: Killing Zombies! Driving over zombies ,Hitting a zombie with a Yard Dart!
Surviver AI is much improved over part one.

Still time based missions but you seem to have more time inbetween missions for zombie shanagins.

Weapon combining is a fun new feature

did I metions Yard darts oh I did Heh that never gets old.

The game seems to flow better then the 1st one with time management.If you love the first game you will love this one also but LOAD TIMES STINK!
And do we really look that dumb when we jump?

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