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GF Rating

Very Good

Fun game that has flaws.

posted by Andrew14 (PICKERINGTON, OH) Oct 6, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

A good game that has many flaws too it. The best part of the game too me is the zombie killing, I mean it's fun to kill zombies with ANYTHING, You can kill zombies with ketchup and mustard (incredibly fun). The Physchopath battles a.k.a the boss battles in the game can be quite frustrating at times.The saving in the game is OK, but it can be annoying at times. If you fail the case you can either countinue the game and do side missons, kill zombies, rescue suvivors, or just screw around or ( This is probaly the worst part of the game) you have to restart the story ALL THE WAY FROM CASE 1!!!!!

What really makes the game fun is combining the weapons to make "Combo" weapons. Their is really good ones like MMA Gloves + Nails or Gems + Flashlight or even find funny clothes to wear. Mainly you have only 72 hours too complete the game untill the military comes and the game ends. ( which is really only like 8-10 hours in real life).

I mean Dead Rising 2 is MUCH better than the first I love the new Co-op feature in this one makes the game alot easier. I would reccomond playing this game though if you have fun slaughtering zombies with sledge hammers and axes combined or lightsabers.

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GF Rating


Great game; a review of the reviews

posted by TaoLogos (ROCHESTER, NY) Oct 6, 2010

Member since Dec 2003

Many of the reviews already adress what I agree are the good things about this game. As far as the bad things, I have more to say:

I love this game and the idea of mass killing zombies in any of a plethora of outfits and weapon combinations. I agree with the many reviewers about load times, but what do you want with 1000s of zombies per load screen. That takes a lot of memory. As far as the lack of autosaves, that doesn't bother me; but it would be convenient at times. My problem with saving in games is that you only have one or the other. Why not an option to save and autosave? If you're going for the 72000 zombie kill achievement, you don't want it to autosave if you screw up, but you also need the option to save in case you do.

To all who complain about time limits, you don't have to complete the missions. You can fail them and keep playing for about 3-4 in game days, which equates to around 8 hours of real-time gameplay before the time is out. What's the problem?

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GF Rating

Very Good

Fun for what it is

posted by beantown85 (BROCKTON, MA) Oct 6, 2010

Member since Jun 2009

You're not gonna get a highly developed story line, you're not gonna get a great deal of amazing over the top graphics, but overall the game is very fun. I've always been fan of the zombie games, and I've always thought that it's fun to murder things.

There are a couple of annoying things like lack of an autosave so if you get to a point, save, then play for 15-30 minutes extra and don't save and you die then you basically lose that progress. In this day and age you would think it's a given that they'd have autosave checkpoints. Outside of that I wouldn't complain much though.

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