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GF Rating

Very Good

Fun game, but very flawed

posted by Elusive (DELAVAN, WI) Oct 8, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

First of all the game is extremely fun especially in coop, but it still has similar problems from the first one.

The good:
If you like the first one then you should like this one.
Lots of combo weapons, guns, vehicles and other ways to kill zombies.
Graphics are very good, and there isnt really any down time in the game so you are constantly doing some sort of objective whether it is the main quest, psychos, or saving survivors.

The Bad:
The game does not have as much playability as I thought it originally would have since they added the coop and multiplayer.

Multiplayer is a joke only 9 different mini games that can be played and after a couple of times through you already had enough unless you are saving up for a car.

Coop is very fun, but is probably the most flawed part of the game.
Saving in coop is garbage because when you do it, it only counts for one person, and then the other person gets kicked. Should be an autosave because saving is still to spread out. Loading screens are ridiculous if you go from one part of the map to another you have to wait over 30 seconds at least. If decide to go through on coop the player who is not hosting kills never stack up, so you never are able to get a high kill count, and the progress is all lost.

Playing single player is obviously not as fun as playing coop because you are unable to do as much. Bosses are less difficult, able to carry double the items between two people.

Single Player 6/10: Game is much better with a friend
Coop 8.5/10: Very good, but has way to many flaws to be awesome.
Multiplayer 2/10: Waste of time even talking about it.

The game would be much better if playing on coop could be saved for both people, multiplayer is pretty lame, so basically if some of these flaws would have been fixed would have easily been a top 5 game this year. Worth the rent, but not really worth a purchase at 40-60 dollars.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by Skinny (THEODORE, AL) Oct 8, 2010

Member since Apr 2009

I liked this one overall. They've improved a good amount of the problems I had with the first. The survivor A.I. is even good enough to help you deal with the hordes of the undead. I do have some gripes, the game does let the zombies get some really cheap shots at you and the lack of an auto save.

I only played for a few hours but even then I barely scratched the surface of this game. It's a decent game to buy, especially for the co-op. Add good co-op to anything and it's score goes up a few notches in my book.

Rent it, you'll probably like it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Is it good?

posted by Matt1975 (SOUTH PORTLAND, ME) Oct 8, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

No. It's great! I owned the first and bought the 2nd, I downloaded Case Zero, and it is all great. The new addition of combining weapons rocks, but it lacks a little in the unarmed combat from the first. Other than that it's bigger, better weapons, and more challenging. Capcom does it again! Don't rent it, buy it!

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