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Dead Rising 2


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Very Good

Very fun. kind of gets old

posted by FINALSAY (CHICOPEE, MA) Oct 13, 2010

Member since May 2010

the game is actually really fun, especially in coop mode. MUCH better than first DR. and its def. going to have lots of DLC

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Above Average

Deadrising 2

posted by DeboReview (DUBLIN, OH) Oct 13, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

Deadrising 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Deadrising, came out September 28th, and I'm just now getting around to playing it. As far as I've gotten (Day 2, 8:30pm), it's a very solid game, but falls on one aspect of it: loading screens. I understand that discs cannot instantly load the objects it is supposed, especially when a disc is trying to render 70,000 individual zombies, near-fully interactive worlds, music, sounds, movements, blah blah blah. But, dear god, the loading screens kill me. There are spots where there are 3 mini cut scenes, and they are preceded by gameplay. That means there are 4 loading screens. And these aren't your garden variety, 3 second, "hold-on-a-sec-I'm-almost-done" loading screens you'd expect from a high-end game on a high-end console. These are Playstation 1 era loading screens. One screen (between the elevator cut scenes in the beginning) lasted for 45 seconds! It wasn't my machine either; I restarted the game and played those scenes numerous times, and they all took about 45 seconds. And yes, I counted them.

Another problem the game has is something that makes it unique: real-time time passage. From beginning to end, the game take 72 real life hours to complete. Very unique to the Deadrising franchise, yes, but annoying nonetheless. Finishing a mission at 6 am and coming back to the center point of the map only to learn you have to wait til 7 am to turn in the mission item is very annoying, especially since you have to wait an actual hour (give or take) to do it, not just choose to skip ahead. A few minor gripes about a pretty good game.

STORY - 8.5/10

OVERALL - 6/10

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GF Rating


A very addictive but extremely flawed game.

posted by heretrix (STATEN ISLAND, NY) Oct 9, 2010

Member since Jan 2004

Dead Rising 2 is one of those strange games that winds up being fun despite itself. The story is pretty much what you'd expect although it's disappointing that it isn't a direct continuation from the previous game.
The lead character, Chuck Green takes over admirably from the former game's Frank West. His devotion to his daughter is very well played and not too cheesy. Everyone else is pretty much stock characters for this sort of story/game which means they probably won't distract you too much from having fun with the whole thing.

The devs improved a few things help it to be more accessible than the first game. The rescuing of survivors handled so much better than in the first game. They actually defend themselves and don't get lost in all of the mess. The weapons are a lot better too, with the combo system being incredibly fun and the actual gunplay is pretty good on it's own. The problem with the guns is that they are severely underpowered against anything that isn't a zombie. In battles with the psychopaths scattered around the mall they are virtually useless. As are any of the special moves you learn along the way.

This game is a technical mess. Capcom should be embarrassed releasing product as buggy as this game and with such terrible gameplay mechanics . The save system is horrible in coop mode with the host booting the coop player every time the game is saved. It's like this game was designed in 1990.And the load They are absolutely horrible.Cutscenes will interrupt gameplay often and then go into long loading screens again.

DR2 could have been amazing, instead they decided to just copy the former developer's missteps and add a bunch of their own.When the game isn't screwing you over it's extremely fun though. The game would be an easy 9 if it weren't so technically shoddy.

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