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Dead Rising 2


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Very Good

Fun but flawed zombie killing goodness

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Oct 4, 2010

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"Dead Rising 2" is not a perfect game. It has numerous flaws, among them savepoints that are far and few inbetween (heaven help you if you ACTUALLY had to use those bathrooms!), some collision detection issues, and an occassionally faulty camera. But it is a very fun game, once you get the hang of maneuvering Chuck Greene, devoted dad to infected daughter Katey and hero of the story, through the hordes of the shambling living dead infesting Fortune City. This game may not be for everyone, as its mission structure is timed and dying is a common occurence. Chuck needs to do a lot of zombie killing to upgrade his skills, and you'll need to do the grinding to make it through the wave of zombies in your path. The timed missions also present their own challenge: if you don't finish them in time, that thread is finished in the narrative. It's not game over, but it's not "Heavy Rain" either, though there are multiple endings. Happily, if you choose to start the story over, all of your stats come with you, making you stronger and better able to make it through the game. I recommend multiple save files, so you can pick and choose if you want to finish the main story or just save surviviors (there are 118 of them to find and save). Killing the zombies is a lot of fun, thanks to a combination system that allows for a variety of weapons to be made. Some of these are quite wicked and useful (a bat with nails) and others good only once ( a freeze bomb, made from an extinguisher and a propane tank), but all are fun to use. Costume changes can also be quite silly (killing zombies in heart decorated boxers is hilarious), though the animations when Chuck changes can be annoying, especially when he becomes surrounded. There is plenty of replayability in the title; in fact, it's near impossible to accomplish everything in one playthrough. This is a zombie game well worth your time and you will get the bang for your buck if you decide to purchase. Definitely worth playing. Enjoy!

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Dead Rising 2

posted by Purgatori (AURORA, CO) Oct 4, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

I gave this game a 5, and that was me being generous. If you were a big fan of the first installment, then you may very well like this one. My main complaint is the mission style. Every mission seems to be on a timer, and a lot of the time, you do not have enough time to complete them all. Therefore, your only option is to rush through the game, without being able to truly enjoy the fun aspects of it. After awhile of killing zombies in every way that you can think of, the game gets pretty boring.

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good game

posted by coolfool21 (PHENIX CITY, AL) Oct 4, 2010

Member since Nov 2005

I love the mini games and the story's not to bad but I only gave it an above average cause they should have made it free roam for as long as you want after completion of story mode

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