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Not a bad game, except for the time limits...

posted by gqusaf (HANOVER, MD) Oct 5, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

I enjoyed the gameplay, but I didn't like the time limits (you have to keep finding doses of Zombrex to administer to your daughter every 24 hours, or she dies). That being said, you have to complete missions, yet find the Zombrex and return to the bunker before time runs out. I would enjoy the game a lot more if there weren't such time constraints....I like to take my time and do some damage!

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I was so excited about this game....

posted by KMA2k10 (RIVERSIDE, CA) Oct 5, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

The game starts out great, lots of fun, so much cool stuff to do & explore, but.....this is the ONLY game for the ps3 i had lost interest in finishing, i am talking over 50 games ive played & this was the only one i didnt finish! I even finished Prince of Persia for god sake!

-The game starts out like a house on fire, so much fun
-Lots of weapons to choose from
-differnt clothes & what not was fun

-The game gets repetitive so quickly its sad
-Boss battles are baddly set up & made so you cannot beat them the first playthrough
-The copy & paste zombies is bad, there is like 15 different ones only
-The Time limits & saves & the combination of the two ruined this game.
-The game more or less forces you to play more than once, its set up to be to dificult to finish in your first playthrough, the twins killed me 15 times & i was forced to start over because they were to dificult to beat my first playthrough.

What ruined this game:
I could over look all the bad stuff if it werent for these two problems that kept this from being a good or even great game...

-Time limits
-No auto saves or at least reload back to at least exiting the last door or something along those lines, if you die you go back to your last save, i lost 8+ hours of gameplay because i walked into a physcopath battle i didnt know was there.

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Casinos, Psychos and Binge Drinking: DR2 Reveiw

posted by Jhafner505 (LUBBOCK, TX) Oct 4, 2010

Member since May 2008

American folk lore is steeped in the tradition and glamorization of Casinos. How could one not be appealed by the delightful assortments of vice on display? The flashing beaming lights of "One Armed Bandits" and the smell of aged whiskey and cheap perfume create a thoroughly intoxicating blend that melds well with the fleeting dreams of winning big and spend life on the proverbial "Easy Street".

This provocative setting serves Dead Rising 2 well. Though the game rarely strays too far from the roots planted by the original title (as well as decades of zombie flicks from the likes of George Romero and Lucio Fulca), it never-or-less delivers a fun trip through a fictionalized "Sin City" draped with the drudging living dead.

A deeply flawed fun trip, that is. Performance issues abound. The framerate has difficulty staying at the "gold standard" of 30 FPS often creating input delay and slowing the hordes of zombies. This kills both immersion and tension. The well touted Combo system, allowing you to craft some truly spectacular weapons of destruction, works well. But the inventory space limitations and lack of storage chest hamstrings the idea. Beyond a handful of very useful combination, I rarely had the need (let alone the urge) to scavenge the zombie infested landscape for ingredients for some of the more elaborate death machines. Part of this lack of desire has to do with the frequent and intrusive load times.

The survivor AI (NPCs that can be rescued for bonus prestigue points leading to quick leveling up) is much improved from the original. Psychopaths (optional boss fights) are still buggy and require less skill and more inventory management than they ideal should.

The narrative is much improved from the original. Chuck Green has a fair amount of pathos to him, mostly in the form of his ailing daughter who requires the medication "Zombrex" to prevent transformation into a member of the living dead. This lends some weight to the game.

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