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More frustrating than anything

posted by dustbusta (CLINTON, ME) Oct 18, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

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While mowing down thousands of zombies over the course of the game can be enjoyable, it doesn't come close to making up for the horrible design flaws that plague this game. It can be fun to explore the different combo weapons and see what sort of havoc you can wreak, but to get through the crowds and move around the mall, you really only need a spiked bat or two (the first combo weapon you can create.) Given the time limits there's not a whole lot of reason to hunt down the ingredients for a Paddlesaw when two melee weapons cover the entire game.

But the real problem lies not in the zombie massacres but in the human enemies. It seems as if all of the Psychopath bosses are equal in strength and only differ in attack patterns and weapons. That might not seem so bad until you realize that the first handful of optional bosses are extremely difficult to defeat at early levels, and only near the end of the game are you able to take them down without reloading (and walking across the city again to get back to them.) It also doesn't help that every bullet that hit's Chuck makes him stumble, which is incredibly frustrating when in a shootout with mercenaries. Mercenaries who can take plenty of assault rifle rounds to the head but fall from a couple of baseballs hit in their direction.

Oh and enjoy trying to rescue survivors when you first start playing! Even though you'll get a marker on your map and an arrow leading the way to them, once you find them all of that disappears. If you're not familiar with the malls and casino's you'll have to check your map every minute to make sure you're going the right way as you lead them to safety.

Add in all the issues that have already been mentioned (saving issues which leads to hours of gameplay lost, etc) and I can't give this game a passing grade. The most frustrating thing of all is that it's not glitches or bugs that ruin the game, it's just terrible terrible design flaws.

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GF Rating


Dead Rising 2

posted by lpcrierie (DUNKIRK, MD) Oct 28, 2010

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Member since Apr 2010

19 out of 26 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

This game is bad in so many reasons, but slightly okay for few reasons.

+ Killing endless zombies with an expanded amount of real-world objects/weapons with a zombie-killing-counter is very very fun.
+ Has an RPG aspect.

- Graphics/Textures/Effects are poor.
- All missions are timed and if you fail one Story Mission, you fail them all.
- You're being bugged for numerous tasks which takes the fun away from what the game should be about.
- This game shouldn't have a storyline.
- Gets very frustrating.

Overall Rating: 3/10

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Not Fun...Weak..Didnt Enjoy ANNOYING! READ!

posted by GamerMack (MILWAUKEE, WI) Oct 21, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

17 out of 24 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

I had high hopes for this game..HIGH. I got it and all i wanted to do was Kill Zombies... But they had something in that game in which i couldnt just walk around killing zombies at will for fun u know sit back and relax find combo cards make weapons and kill zombies... TIME LIMITS! I get it its an evacuation. The Government or whatever is comming in 3 Days do everything within a 3 Day Span or the story will have an alternate ending! BS!

The Story aint to bad, but it aint the best. The Story Missions are Unreasonably Hard and ducking and dodging or doing that aweful dive is horrible becasue its so slow when you get up zombies can attack or one of the main story line people can easilly stab you with one of there swords (2 Hot girls mission) Its VERY hard. And when you die!! WHEN YOU DIE there is NO check points you START OVER at whatever bathroom you saved your game at!

And Load Times GAWD! I get it, gotta put lots of ZOMBIES on the screen but EVERY building i walk through It takes like what seems 399 minutes to load (Exxageration)

The primise of the game is fun, and i see how alot of people can like it. But with the horrible time limits and having to stop everything to find a zombrex or whatever the load times, the unreasonibly hard bosses or subbosses missions. The subpar story line, the unpolished graphics (this is 2010 come on) The old school save point saving system, if you die you have to basically start all over, the no way in heck time limit of getting everything done on the side and do the storyline together, i say DONT GET THIS GAME ITS SUPER ANNOYING! BOO TIME LIMITS BOO TIME LIMITS!

Thank excuse typos and errors but i was so mad when i typed this!

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