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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record


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Also on:PS3
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Soldier Goggles

Buy in the Platinum Strip pawnshop

Sports Fan Cleats

Find at SporTrance in the Royal Flush Plaza

Sports Fan outfit

Find at Kokonutz Sports Town in the Palisades Mall

Sports Fan Facepaint

Find at the end of the ninja path in the Americana Casino

Tattered Clothes

Unlock after getting a survivor drunk.

Willamet Security Outfit

Unlock after visiting ten different maintenance rooms

Psycho Boots

Find near the Arena security room in a locker

Psycho Clothes

Defeat Carl in the psycho fight "Mail Order Zombrex"

Psycho Hair

Watch the Time Share movie at the Platinum Strip Theater between 12am and 2am

Soldier Boots

Find in a box in a vacant store to the right of the Ultimate Playhouse at South Plaza's West End

Soldier Clothes

Save the damsel in distress a second time or kill 1337 zombies

Soldier Facepaint

Find at Shanks in the Palisades Mall

Ninja Hood

Find in a hidden room in Royal Flush's ninja path

Ninja Mask

Find on a mannequin near the Shaol Nightclub

Protoman Arm Cannon/Shield

Save the damsel in distress a second time.

Protoman Armor

Get a bronze medal in all Sandbox Mode challenges

Protoman Boots

Find in the Ultimate Playhouse in the Palisades Mall

Protoman Helmet

Beat Jack in Ante Up or defeat him in Sandbox Mode

Chuck Greene outfit

Load the game with an existing Dead Rising 2 save file

Ninja Boots

Find in the Mans Sport in the Uranus Zone

Ninja outfit

Kill 1337 zombies