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Dead Or Alive 3

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Gameplay Controls

Dead Or Alive 3
GamePlay: Refer to Sparring Mode to learn all of the Commands and Combo Moves for each character.

Directional Pad Control character
Left Thumbstick Control character
A Button Throw (evade throw)
B Button Kick
X Button Free (hold and guard)
Y Button Punch?Get Up (repeated press)
White Button Punch + Kick
Black Button Tag change (during tag battles only)
Right Trigger Free + Kick
Start Pause
Combo #1 Down Attack: Up Directional Pad + Y + B
Combo #2 Follow-Up Attack: Down Directional Button + Y OR Down Directional Button + B
Combo #3 Roll Background and Get Up: Directional Button Up + X
Combo #4 Roll Foreground and Get Up: Directional Button Down + X
Combo #5 Rising Low Kick: Dierctional Button Down + B Button several times while getting up
Combo #6 Ecade Throw: X + Y
Combo #7 Low Throw: Down Directional Button + X + Y