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Unfinished cavalcade of booty

posted by Mr_Fergus (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Apr 23, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

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Dead Island takes some of the best things going on in the game industry right now (Open worlds, leveling systems, on-the-fly online co-op, weapon customizing, zombies!) and manages to combine them in the most unenjoyable way conceivable.

GAMEPLAY- Pretty standard affair. You control one of 4 characters each with different specialties in a first-person style melee/shooting adventure involving doing various quests for the poor blokes you meet. Though controlling your character isn't a problem, things turn sour when interacting with anything else comes to play. The "aiming" system is to inconsistent for precision fighting, melee combat (your main option for dealing with enemies) is a chore, and the leveling system seems to serve no purpose other than to force you to constantly look for higher-level weapons.

STORY- There is a lot going on in the story. A struggle for survival, the concept of the needs of many vs. the needs of few, human nature when pushed to it's limits. Unfortunately, the story and characters themselves do a great job of ensuring that you won't care even the slightest about any of it. None of them (main, side, background, villian, etc..) are memorable or slightly likable.

NOTABLES- There are two glaring flaws which caused me to immediately lose all interest in finishing this game.
1. The inventory system is buggy as sin. Picking up and managing consumable weapons in particular is frustrating in a manner that's clearly not intended for the final product.
2. Multiplayer as well as it's effect on your single player game is sloppy beyond belief. First, you can't decide who you join games with. That person has to be at the same relative spot you are in your game for you to join them. Second, wherever they are in there missions when you join them, that's where you are now when you leave their game and there's no way to go back.

OVERALL- The most enjoyable thing to come from this game is that trailer they released months ago. Go watch that.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Revival of Saturated Zombie Genre

posted by UkManiak (ROCHESTER, NY) Sep 8, 2011

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Member since Sep 2010

12 out of 20 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

I am not exactly certain when Zombies became such a huge factor in the gaming industry, my guess is Resident Evil, but not many developers out there have really done a good job with the concept. The Zombies would always be too slow, or too numerous, and you would feel a bit frustrated at the pace of that game. Techland has really done a fantastic job at smoothing those rough experiences in the past out and made one of the best Zombie games I ever played.

Open world elements are what shines for me in any genre. I love exploring, finding stuff, upgrading, and all while kicking Zombie tush all over the island!! LOVE IT! Not only is blood flying all over the place, but every now and then you get to stop and look and say wow.

You have the option to choose four characters each with their own mini backgrounds and abilities. Throwing, Guns, Sharp, and (B)lunt Objects. Any character can utilize any weapon, but their are unique skill sets for each person that amplifies your weapon of choice. The weapons in game can be a bit confusing at first, but you will be falling in love with a the few that matter to you in no time and modding them to obliterate dead sacks of fleshies all up and down that white sand!.

Many, many side quests will keep you busy for a long time, though the main story kind of lacks in any direction. You are mostly just helping people out in both situations. Single player is where you will find your best experience with the game, getting online with three friends is a good time and laughing while you stomp Zombie face together kind of takes away from the scare. When you are alone, you appreciate the Zombie AI a little more, and will humbly be knocked on your backside on more than one occasion.

All of the flaws in this game in my opinion are personal grievances that should on no way stop you from renting this game. Yes it freezes, yes it glitches, but if you let this game pass you by because of popular review, you will Om nom your own brain for sure.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A good game with faws

posted by TehPWNZOR (VERNON, VT) Sep 20, 2011

Member since Nov 2009

14 out of 24 gamers (58%) found this review helpful

This game was simply wonderful and at times terrifying. the graphics are on the better end and the animations are even better then that. the gameplay is hard to get tired of and i doubt i will anytime soon. the only problem with this game on the ps3 is the online save glitch that kicks in about half way through the game. the trick is to put the game on single player and stay off of the playstation network. once that new patch is made hopefully it will be solved. HAPPY ZOMBIE HUNTING YA GORE CHASING GAMERS

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