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GF Rating


so so game

posted by mpbanks80 (TACOMA, WA) Nov 22, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

8 out of 12 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I heard great reviews for the game from friends, not realizing that they were only speaking on behalf of the multi player. the game lags and is jerky when fighting off hordes of zombies, and the only good voice acting is from the zombies them selves

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I looooove this Game

posted by Zombiekilla2099 (BARNHART, MO) Oct 12, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

9 out of 14 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

I really expected a lot out of this game and I got what I wanted. First of all I love the bios of the 4 heroes. I play as Logan mostly because he looks like a stud. I enjoy the vehicles which allow a quick drive to your next mission. I also like the fact that there are varied zombies of different difficulties. I all in one just love the game. It's what I look forward to all day at work. I really don't want to sen it back but moneys tight right now so that is a reason I'm using gamefly in the first place.

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More Buggy Then Fallout New Vegas

posted by Spirituous (EAST STROUDSBURG, PA) Sep 22, 2011

Member since Dec 2008

34 out of 56 gamers (61%) found this review helpful

Deep Silver (the creators of this game) must have steelies the size of canon balls, because that's exactly what you'd need to have to release a retail game in this state.

Multiple game breaking bugs such as:

1. Game will not auto save properly, and your progress is lost. (There is no way to manually save in this game, how insane is that!)

2. Game saves get corrupted frequently. (IE you lose all your progress)

3. Multiplayer games hard lock your PS3, PC, and Xbox360 at completely random times. You have no choice but to power off your system and turn it back on. (Happened over 5 times to me just in one day on the PS3 version)

4. Items disappear from your inventory for no reason whatsoever.

5. NPC's just up and disappear with no warning. You can still hear them, but you can't see them.

6. Screen Tearing, Pop In's Abound, Frame Rate is all over the place (PS3 version)etc.

7. Online Lobby's that do not work properly, game joining function that does not work properly, and massive lag in online games.

How a company can have the gull to put out a product in this condition is beyond me. They clearly rushed this product and did not care about Quality Assurance at all.

And how these mainstream gaming sites like IGN, Gamespot etc can just flat out lie and put up praise for a game full of massive game breaking bugs, while scoring the game high 8+ is beyond me. Did they even play the game, or did they just take money from Deep Silver and took their word for it, that the issues where minor.

Do yourself a favor and do not buy this bug ridden game in it's current form. Do NOT SUPPORT ANY developer who put bug ridden beta copies of their games out, and charge people $60.00 bucks a pop to do the job that their Q&A department should have done.

If you still want to buy the game even with all the issues I've mentioned, then wait until the game is patched up first. Even then I'd suggest renting it first, just to make sure the issues are taken care of.

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