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GF Rating

Very Good

Better then what most reviewers have been writing.

posted by walkiingplague (PALMDALE, CA) Sep 13, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

This game is very good. It does have it's bugs but in all honestly there have been other games with worse bugs then this game has. It's great and a very creative way in making a multiplayer-openworld-rpg. The graphics i think are great. The environments are very beautiful, I just think they could have done better with the characters facial expressions (but this is the same company that worked on Call of Juarez the Cartel, so compared to that game this game is amazing). The skill tree for each character is unique and offer some great advantages especially when working as a team. The multiplayer is set up to let you join people who are at the same level as you or farther back in the game (remember people do set there games to private so don't expect being able to join all willy nilly). The zombies aren't the smartest A.I. but as you level up they sure begin to pack a punch that can get even the most talanted zombie killer some sweaty palms and an urge to call a friend up to get the game now. The game offers a ton of side quests and it rewards beautifully, such as a character that keeps asking for champagne (not the cheap stuff and rewards you with diamonds each time helping you make bank for the next thing you want upgrade and mod. Overall I hope this may help bring a more positive note the game rather then just bashing on how glitch it is.

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GF Rating


(I'm my Mike Tyson Voice) Nice!!!!

posted by dalion82 (HOUSTON, TX) Sep 13, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

Ok, so usually I'm not into GTA mission based type game. I usually don't ever have enough time to get interested, but this game is different. I guess it's the fact that you get to bash zombie heads from the start and put together interesting weapons with items you find ( I haven't seen the ingenuity to make bombs out of misc. objects like that since my last deployment to Iraq lol). Not to mention the story is pretty well put together and the graphics are top notch. All in, I'm very impressed with this game and it's one of the few besides COD of course, that I'll actually spend a good amount of time playing. Outstanding work Square Enix, ya'll put together a good one.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by mikehawk73 (SEATTLE, WA) Sep 13, 2011

Member since Nov 2008

The gameplay is fast and furious, reminiscent of Borderlands in multiple ways (skill tree, weapon drops, heart pounding messy deaths including your own which result in 10% less money) , and yes there are some graphic glitches that can be annoying, but at least it doesn't FREEZE! There is nothing more annoying than games that freeze at random points. If that happens, I send it back, no matter how fun the game is.

The sound effects are awesome! Never had so much fun killing zombies! The environments are pretty good, realistic, detailed. Lots of loot to collect, tho more than half of the junk you pick up isn't used except for weapon mods. There is lots to do and see, and unless you only do main quests, you will spend lots of time on this game and enjoy 95% of it. Once you get used the timing of swinging your weapon around, it becomes an effective and fun way to mutilate your enemies. Voice acting is well done, tho with a couple cheezy tearjerker moments. Definitely one of my top game choices for 2011, even with the bugs. FUN!!!

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