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GF Rating

Very Good

This game is a lot of fun

posted by scs220 (TAHLEQUAH, OK) Oct 4, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

You get to hit zambies with sticks and cut them with knifes and shot them with guns and kick them with feet. So much great time! I love to play it! Pick it up from Gameflys today! Thanks so much!

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GF Rating


Glitchy, yet so addicting

posted by shooterjunkie56 (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Oct 3, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2011

What is Dead Island? Is it Fallout, is it Dead Rising, left 4 dead or all three. Well the answer is all 3. Dead Island is a first person open world zombie RPG developed by techland that places you in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. You pick one of the four characters at the begining of the game and each has their own unique skills. Like one is good at shooting and another is good with sharp weapons. After that is when the fun begins.

Dead island is fun from the start, after the prologue mission you are thrown out onto the island. THis is where you get one main wuest and a plethora of side quests. The sidequest are very fun and what's really cool is that you canchoose what quest you want to do. Then you can choose another one. Each quest requires you to do something a little different from you last quest.

Now Dead Island is glitchy, I even encountered a bug where the person I needed to go to to finish my quest his little speech bubble didn't appear. Luckily i reloaded a save and it worked. But this is very aggrovating.

Other than e few minor bugs dead island is otherwise a great game. Now the best things about this game are the gameplay and graphics. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is very fluid.

I would recommend buying this game. Come on Techland should be congratulated because they did an otstanding job with this game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Worth the rent

posted by T_Fo_Rizzle (HOUSTON, TX) Oct 3, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

Had a great time with this game. There is virtually no story but it doesn't effect the rest of the game. Melee mechanics are fun and graphic. The game did not glitch or delete my saves as other people mentioned in reviews. There is a slight learning curve, but by the time you reach Act II everything is understandable. The environments are really nice and varied. Definetly get through Act I before you decide to give up if you're not enjoying it. I started out killing every zombie I could get my electric machete wielding hands on. When you get to Act II and beyond however, when you see zombies you actually get a little twinge of anxiety, as the zombies are more numerous, more dangerous, and more varied. Dead Island is really good game for zombie fans and the RPG style gameplay really kept me playing. I'll also note as a Diablo fan and former WoW addict, the customizable weapons system is awesome. Couldn't wait to do the next quest or kill the next big zombie, just do see what the item drop was. Think Borderlands, but with sledgehammers, axes, knives, guns, pickaxes, police batons, bats, wooden sticks, and of course the all powerfull deoderant bomb.

Multiplayer was a fun experience for me when I could find compatible players. The game keeps you fairly close and links your quests with other players for you. I had a lot of fun just doing side quests in co-op.

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