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posted by scudforce1 (CENTERVILLE, MA) Apr 24, 2013

Member since Jan 2009

3 out of 11 gamers (27%) found this review helpful

Horrible SLOW TEETH PLULLING beginning, horrible game play, the vioce overs are exactly like the first game so it feels like your still playing the first one. The weapons are the same as the first game, the driving still sucks the only differeance that is could see is more charachters to play as. the graphics are high end PS2 sometimes the characters mouthes move some times they dont. your back on an Island SHOCKER there why not Japan or Austrailia. any way dont waist your money definitly rent this game save your money to buy a PS4 or 720 which ever you prefere.

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Rental only

posted by kreyes19 (NEW YORK, NY) Apr 27, 2013

Member since Oct 2010

2 out of 9 gamers (22%) found this review helpful

Rental only

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Zombeism & Captailism into a repetitive title

posted by Chessfu (PORTAGE, IN) Apr 27, 2013

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Member since Apr 2005

1 out of 5 gamers (20%) found this review helpful

I played the first installment and I was hoping changes would have been made in second. After you bash, slice, stomp and behead your first. Oh, 5 dozens INFECTED if gets old fast. Unlike WALKING DEAD where it's about SURVIVAL. This title isn't about LOOTING the DEAD. In order to sell the stuff back to the people your are trying to save.

I save why bother. Just turn the people your are trying to save into Zombies and take their stuff.

Below. I have listed, THE GOOD, THE BAD and the UGLY. My rating is not built upon, on line play, graphics or story line. Just game play, enjoy.

THE GOOD: You get to bash, dismember, stomp, chop and club INFECT WALKERS. Controls are easy to figure out. Looted areas re spawn loot when you leave area.

THE BAD: 1st person game, no access to firearms, defeat INFECTED including BOSSES re spawn when you leave area, spend too much time repairing weapons, AI SURVIVORS get killed easy in SURVIVOR camps without your help, NO ACCESS to lock picking skills, UNLESS you beat game the 1st time. Not enough fast track areas near the place you have to travel or clear. Can't fast track while holding QUEST ITEMS.

THE UGLY: It makes no sense how easy it easy to die in this game. Even with a chainsaw some of the BOSSES won't go down easy. In what ZOMBIE MOVIE has a INFECTED not been quickly done in by a chainsaw?

After a while it gets boring. A PUMP SHOT GUN early would have made it as least MESSY. Ok rental, nothing to write home about.

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