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More of the same...only worse.

posted by Existence (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Jun 10, 2013

Member since Jul 2011

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I thought the original Dead Island was fairly average: It had some problems but it was decent enough to the point where I felt like the designers were at least trying.

Riptide on the other hand, is the complete opposite.

It's more or less a game that vibrates of "glorified add-on" rather than a true sequel; almost every aspect of this game feels like a perfect transplant of the original DI.

The story is: You're on an island (again) and trying to escape it (again) with the military being involved (again) with the same 4 characters (+1 new guy). The story feels even less involved; there is virtually no back-story (due to it being nearly identical of the first), and I felt like I was even going through the same areas as the first (although Riptide is smaller in comparison).

Combat feels worse somehow despite being copied almost exactly. There are some technical issues: I found rendering problems that made some zombies look like they appear out of thin air; jumping is problematic because the player generally slides off of objects (and you're forced to do some platforming); and much of the same connection problems in MP as the first.

There are a lot of cheap deaths, so be prepared for that. Some zombies throw knives at you which is generally insta-death; medkits still take too long to work; zombies are still fairly aggressive and even regulars can kill you in 3 hits on occasion. There is constant respawning as well, so be prepared to fight a lot of zombies.

Other than that, some other atrocious additives are how they re-use subsections of areas over and over (i.e. most building interiors look exactly the same), and the game is probably about 5-10 hours shorter than the original. To give you an estimate: if you're just going through the story, it can actually be done in 4 or so hours in co-op.

If you enjoyed the first, well, you'll probably feel right at home here, but don't be expecting any kind of modifications or improvements whatsoever from this

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posted by boredatwrk (SACRAMENTO, CA) Jun 9, 2013

Member since Jul 2010

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This game can be fun, but it's game engine is just too unstable on ps3.
Be prepared for hard freezing every 2-3 hours. Not only that, but you will be constantly dropped from their servers. It was seriously once or twice an hour, an entire game reboot needed to see others locally. The eventual predictability of this happening just becomes infuriating.

The content is also very lackluster compared to the original. The entire experience just feels like so-so dlc. I do like this series more than most, and would have originally been ok with putting 40 hours or so into it, but it's a mess.. I just can't recommend.

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Fun for fun's sake

posted by Papes (BENTON, AR) Apr 26, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

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The problems are the same as the original, but then, the original (in its seriousness) was a joking, fun game. The combat is a bit tedious, sure, and the missions, a bit annoying/far-fetched, but this is not meant to be Resident Evil or Left 4 Dead, or any serious zombie game. It's more like an extended Call of Duty zombies, with a different, expanded combat system/focus. The point of DI is the same as CoD zombies: to have fun, mostly with friends. Multiplayer isn't a separate game or any easier, because the fun of DI is just zombie-bashing. It's somewhat similar (in my own mind at least) to the movie Zombieland, with a loose story and just a fun destructive feel. Its a game to laugh and make fun of while enjoying it with friends, so it isn't self-aware like the gamespot review points out, because the game making fun of itself would take our fun out as players. So yes, a 3 or so in CoD or Halo terms, with a poor story and tedious details, but a 8 or 9 if rated by its purpose of zombie-bashing and a community game.

A game for that zombie-bashing mood we all get on occasion, not one meant to be enjoyed for its story, or played straight through in one sitting.

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