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Really Bad

not as good second time around

posted by ravenjrob (EASTABOGA, AL) May 3, 2013

Member since Jan 2011

same game.glitchy.sub par graphics.hoped for more.loved the first game

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Stuck On Another Island

posted by TheMartyr (BONNERS FERRY, ID) Apr 29, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

I would firstly like to say, Dead Island:Riptide is not a sequel to Dead Island. DI:R is in fact more like an add-on if anything.

In the original Dead Island, I remember thinking to myself how much potential that game had. If the developers had gotten a few more things right and fixed several issues, Dead Island had potential to be a great game. So, with DI:R I had thought they would do all they can to make this amazing. I was wrong. Dead Wrong.

Dead Island: Riptide, essentially feels and looks EXACTLY like it's predecessor. It has all the same problems and glitches of the previous game. I feel the developers were uninspired and lazy at times.

The combat is still more focused on melee and the guns can still feel underpowered, despite what their DPS says. The issue of zombies being OVER-POWERED is still present. It is ridiculous a walker with 2 or 3 good swings could kill my level 47 Sam B. Combat is still satisfying but can feel like a grind after a while.

The game play is good. I like how you repair and upgrade weapons. Trading is pretty standard.

The voice acting can vary from being exceptionally good to cheesy and weak. I will say the five main characters are great. Especially Phil LaMarr, I love that guy.

This game has great characters. I get attached to some of the NPC's and I get upset when they die. The main characters are the best. I played as Sam B in DI and now DI:R and he is my favorite. I still love Xian, Purna, and Logan to pieces. John is pretty cool too.

I noticed they re-used some of Dead Island's sound track and sound effects...that irked me a little. However, it was all very good. Though Sam B's first song, WDYVB, was better.

The storyline still could be cliche, but I feel it improved a little from the first. Definitely themes of betrayal and plot twists. The story is decent but not great.

Overall, I would give DI:R a 7 out of 10. It's a fun, solid game no doubt. There's so much holding it back from be

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ok to rent but not to own in my point of View

posted by LadyWrestler (GREENSBORO, NC) Apr 29, 2013

Member since May 2012

Ok for this game for any body that likes zombie killing this is up there Ally but warn you though first set of weapons will suck unless you upgrade fast it has mainly Machete's Nail gun's Knife's Boat Paddle's Flare Gun ! & you do get Shot gun ammo to pick up but problem is no shotgun to buy or pick up so major Flaw at begin of game but if like Ramming stuff Use a Car !like that will help Alot on the Road sides but when getting a Boat won't it takes Single to Teen digit's hit points ! not fun & mini boss stages are a Pain to give a heads up You will be needing X-box Live gold to Play ahead of time to play this game cause its just like Call of Duty you Dead Island Riptide though you automatically have people wanting you to join them at times So that is that So have fun !

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