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posted by OMGitsMIKE (EL PASO, TX) May 9, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

The original was fresh, something fairly new so you'd think the sequel would address the problems faced in the first installment....wrong! If anything Dead Island: Riptide is headed in the wrong direction. Everything from the repetitive mission types to leveling up (which oddly enough seems to do very little for your character) is totally frustrating. If the game did not belong to Gamefly I'd most likely set it on fire. Bottom line, steer clear from this game unless you have a ton of free time...and patience.

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Above Average

Not moving forward

posted by BadLarry (DEER PARK, NY) May 8, 2013

Member since Jun 2005

The first games was so unique that you could forgive its flaws, glitches, and overall awkwardness. With this sequel, almost nothing was improved upon. Same blurry lo-res looking graphics, stilted animations, cheap deaths. All they did was come up with new maps and quests and maybe some new weapons. A lazy sequel. Would give the first an 8. This gets a 6. Still enjoyable, but where's the effort?

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Really Bad


posted by Jmac1928 (WHITTIER, CA) May 7, 2013

Member since May 2012

sooooooo all i wanna know is why did this game take so long to come out for when it is pretty much the same exact game as the first one. Honestly there is no difference except for a slightly new island to explore with alot of dead ends and confusing areas that just run u in circles and get traped with no flow at all. Besides the change of scenery there is also one new character who also does not bring about much change. Besides that your looking at the same game. If anything the developers could have save a tone of time and money if they just moded this to be an expantion since thats pretty much all this is. If anything i would say the first game was better and i was not even that big a fan of the first one. DO NOT BUY.....DO NOT RENT......just keep scrolling down the list of game and chose one worth while.

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