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Very Good

Fun with Friends

posted by gaminglife (SAN JOSE, CA) May 21, 2013

Member since Jun 2007

This game is a lot of fun and a lot of frustration. I would not recommend playing this game by yourself as it can be quite daunting. Playing with a buddy can ease the monotony of the game.

I wont go into the bugs but you can take a look at my playthrough by searching GunBrothersGaming on youtube and see the game for yourself. All in all - I am enjoying it.

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GF Rating



posted by alizandi03 (MALIBU, CA) May 20, 2013

Member since May 2010

Frustrating controls, camera, character movement, static geometry collision, and melee weapon ranges that don't connect. Stay away. If you've meandered your way through the first, there is nothing to see here.

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Decent Entry

posted by HaggardSauce (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) May 20, 2013

Member since May 2013

If you liked the first dead island then you'll like this. You will need to be tolerant of some glaring bugs though. While walking in certain areas, sunlight in the day will instantly turn into dark overcast rain, and stepping backwards will turn it back into sunshine and daylight again like there are invisible weather barriers around the island. There is absolutely no transition.

The crafting is expansive and there are a lot of things to find, but finding a weapon you'd want to actually use comes down to waiting until you finish a story mission to go to the shops. Even with two or three others, purple or orange drops are very very rare, and other players are unlikely to stick to the weapons their characters are meant for, often resulting in someone getting pi&%ed off at someone else because they took a weapon outside their specialty.

The story is laughably short and is also quite shallow. It's little more than "ok, heres another island we need to get out of" Overall, it's a great game to rent but I'd never pay money for it unless I found it in the $5 bin and had a few friends who wanted to go through it over a weekend. I don't care what kinda DLC comes out, this isn't worth it.

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