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Dead Island: Riptide

posted by JackBlack (CANYON COUNTRY, CA) Nov 11, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

I gave this game a 6 because it was pretty much a fraternal twin of the first game, same everything minus cosmetic differences.

Aside from a new map, playable character, and quests I felt the game was just an exact copy of the first DI.

Now don't get me wrong I enjoyed the first DI, and would recommend playing DI:R especially if you haven't played DI because it is a great game at first but as a good joke gets told a hundred times it eventually looses it's luster and becomes a repetitious meander across an enormous map battling foes where you never never seem to dominate, you just seem to do a little less bad each time.

In addition there seems to be a lack of balance in the game, for example, At a certain part in the game you drive boats and while you drive past "Drowned" zombies they start chasing your boat and can jump on board and throw you off, they're fairly easy to dodge while there on your boat driving but once you stop there is a very fast mob of zombies surrounding your boat! This is especially bad when you have to travel long distances through the water. It is crazy hard to to stay alive when traveling by boat.
Yet, at another point in the game you fight off a mob of zombies and a "Thug" surrounding a quest NPC in about 2ft of water that are easily dispatched with one Molotov.

A weak story line and bad voice acting make immersion difficult.

Dead Island:Riptide is a zombie apocalypses themed RPG, with weapon upgrades which makes this game excellent especially for the first time player.

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posted by Fabiocrow1983 (COVINGTON TOWNSHIP, PA) Sep 26, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

If You've played the first dead island you'll pretty much know what to expect with this game. Same Graphics,game play,characters(with an extra one thrown in),same Bugs and glitches and even More xbox freezing!
If you're going for easy gamer score this one is pretty easy,I got the full 1000GS in 2 days play.

On a side Note there is a new epic Sam B song in the game which is just as awesome as his first song....but when did he have time to record a new album?...

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First was bad... second was worse

posted by Kadorja (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Aug 13, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

Played few quite a few hours and chapters of the first Dead Island only to get bored of the repetition. I love zombie games like Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead and The Walking Dead. Sadly this game is exactly like the first but starts off with an awful learning curve if you haven't tried the first game (still haven't gotten used to the weapon ranges) and it just doesn't seem like you have any advantage over an enemy. The stamina just seems to hinder you against just a few enemies and half of them can keep up with you so running is out of the question. Turn a corner on a few baddies and you're screwed. Hope you can take a few out before you die and hope you don't lose weapons like in my case.

If you where overjoyed in playing the first game then this might be enjoyable. If the first was merely ok then this one isn't going to be any better. Just stick to Left 4 Dead.

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