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the greatest psp game ever made.

posted by superg (BLAIRSTOWN, NJ) Mar 22, 2012

Member since Jul 2010

im a HUGE fan of jak and daxter. ive played every game and loved them all except the lost frontier ( ILL REVIEW THAT MESS SOMEDAY...)but this game is the best of all. why? two reasons: you can play it anywhere. reason 2: YOU GET TO PLAY AS ONE OF THE GREATEST GAME CHARACTERS EVER (next to glados from portal and dr.neo cotex)it all stratred on my 13 birthday and we went to radiosack to see the new games on display. since the infamous psp GO was coming out, there was an strandard psp on sale for 100$. i decided to but and it came with the game daxter. i was thinking "a game about daxter? that sounds terible!" the reason i said that is becuase every gamje i played that had you play as a sidekick sucked (Im looking at you secret agent clant ps2!) but i have to say WOW. this is amazing. the story is not a sequal to jak 3. its a pequeal to jak 2. so it after TPL but BEFORE jak 2. so that would mean this is about how daxter saved jak. well this really the only problem i have about the game. see it almost 2 years later and daxter FORGOT TO SAVE JAK. really? well since he forgets he decide to become an exterminator. yeah.. but dont worry the plot get more thick. gameplay is kind of like the same of jak 2 and 3. you run around in the hub world doing diffrent misson most missons in clude mini-games,getting metal head jewls (usally 50.) or destroying a sepific enemy or hives. daxters voice actor returns but other than that i think the voice actors are new comers (jak appears once, but dosent talk.) also,kor,errol,vegar and samos return as cameos. the best part of the game are the mini games. there hilairous! they parody6 the matrix,braveheart,indiana jones and the lord of the rings! overall, this game is a MUST BUY and will satisfy both fans of j&d and psp gamers alike!

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Could Be A Good Game

posted by olpdog (FOUR LAKES, WA) Jan 24, 2011

Member since Apr 2008

I like a lot of this game, but the bad outdoes the good. The graphics, as with some other PSP games I've played, far outdo the capabilities of the PSP system. They have tried to add too much to a system incapable of handling it. This has the prime problem I see in many PSP games, the view. It is terrible, especially in the more challenging parts of the game. If the views were not constantly changing, the game would be much more playable. With this game, you get to the hardest parts of the game and suddenly you need to be able to see a lot more of the area around your player. Unfortunately, the automatic views kick in and you are unable to look around at all. The game makers need to face reality and realize the PSP is limited, compared to PCs, PS3s or the Xbox systems. I enjoy challenges in games, but not ones created by bad graphical decisions. I'm not a big fan of sports games, but those seem to be the best games to play on the PSP. It's too bad PSP continues these bad ideals, because they lose a lot of quality games.

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Daxter Review

posted by Raziel111 (LINDSAY, CA) Sep 25, 2010

Top Reviewer

Member since Aug 2010

Daxter was an incredibly fun game. Instead of being the main man Jak, you are now playing as his furry and orange sidekick to explain the two year period between Jak being kidnapped and then being set free. Instead of the usual fists, kicks and guns, you now take up an electric flyswatter, and a flamethrower like bug spray.

The coolest things are what you could never do as Jak but Daxter could. Sliding, crawling through vents, scaling ceilings monkeybar style and scaling walls are great new and fun features. Another feature are Daxter's dreams. He takes the role of a different version of him such as an agent(Matrix[most likely]), a night, a barbarian, a tomb raider(Indiana Jones), a karate guy and a wizard(probably Gandalf from Lord of the Rings). They're minigames where you press the four action buttons and the D-pad to reach the end and get a prize when you wake up, such as new moves or health upgrades. The bug spray is a ranged stunning weapon, with deadly upgrades known as the flamethrower and an electric grenade launcher. These can be used as hovers, each having different ways of doing it and some using more energy depending on the weapon. The mini games in story mode are also incredibly fun and the Boss fights are pretty simple. Attack and avoid when youre supposed to.

But, there are some serious flaws. The bug spray has a limited supply of spray for all three weapons. The vehicle missions are difficult with tight controls and limited camera space. And the dreams take precursor orbs to unlock. The fish that can kill you instantly are nerve racking and you usually wont know where to go next. Plus, minigames in story mode will result in failure if you press one wrong button.

Overall, its a fairly good game and it explains how Daxter saved Jak two years after he was kidnapped. It's a little shorter than the other games, but it's fun. But as powerful as it is, the flaws are to big to ignore. However, I would recomend it to any Jak and Daxter game fan.

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