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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Fish Cannery level:

Melt the fish that is in the block of ice and the shark will eat it and hang on to it. While it is hanging on to it, that's your chance to jump/hover to the other side.

Diamonds in Mine level:

You go down an elevator then you keep going until you see a wooden circular windmill/water thing spinning around, jump on that, climb higher then you jump on a ledge to the right. This will lead you to the rest of the crystals.

Train System

When riding a train, if you see red lights ahead jump to another using the spray and try to switch as many trains possible.

Final Boss

To beat him first dodge his zaps and when he covers all the platforms with electricity jump and hover to the green orb path and burn the wheel to drain the goo then do that a couple times then youll follow him. Then you jump from platform to platform to dodge his attacks then when he flys over to the purple stuff shoot him with the blue stuff then itll go to a movie if you do it more then in part 3 you shoot him when he makes the ball of electricity and hop on those pillars to him and shoot him while hes frozen, do this two more times and you win!


To get pass the lagon you have to follow the green bubbles. Which will lead you to the swing.

Hive Queen 1

To beat her first hit her butt and bugs will come out and kill them do this three times then when she gets up try to spray her face then hit her butt as much as you can till she dies but you ll have to spray her alot.