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GF Rating


Fun, but very easy turn based strategy

posted by gbpackerz (KIMBERLY, WI) Sep 14, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

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I am pretty far in to the game and I have to say it is more fun than I expected after reading about the reviews/previews and playing for more than 30 minutes. It starts out pretty slow, but it ramps up quite a bit after you go through the first few battles (mostly tutorial-like battles). The storyline is very amusing and is quite fun to follow along with.

The game does not make it known early on that eventually you will have access to your "camp" (save anytime you want, change character names, etc) and to a "town" (hire new heroes, buy equipment, fight mercenary battles). These features add a lot to the game and take away quite a bit of the feeling that there are no choices and everything is purely streamlined. There are also "alternative challenges" for winning most all of the scenarios, and these make you actually want to try them again. The challenges are not always very easy and are the one part of the game that will definitely make you have to try more than once!

You should not rent/buy this game with the expectation that it will be similar to FF Tactics or Advance Wars. It got an "E - For Everyone" rating, after all. The game is simply a casual (and quite easy) turn based strategy game aimed at all ages. There are some parts that are challenging, and some RPG elements, but at its core Dawn of Heroes is still just a very casual turn based strategy game.

Big pros:
- Casual easy "pick-up-and-play" gameplay
- Great humor in the storyline cut-scenes and decent graphics for a DS game. Appropriate for all ages.

Big cons:
- Stylus is required; no alternative to use the buttons instead.
- Very limited "RPG" elements.

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GF Rating


Lacks what makes DS games great

posted by HippyVock (SEATTLE, WA) Sep 13, 2010

Member since May 2006

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Dawn of Heroes is a turn/grid based tactics game that accomplishes its main goal of delivering a fun story and turn based combat and little else. The top screen looks pretty with a 3D representation of the battle, but there is no actual point for it other then to show the classic fight animations so common with turn based RPG's. The bottom screen contains the entire map, is only stylus activated (as the buttons are TINY!) and holds every button you need to tap to activate commands.

Aside from that, there is little else to speak of. You gain characters and levels, but it seems rather arbitrary as enemies who were just attacking you with 20 points of damage join your squad, but then only deal 6 damage to the enemy. You get items, but it's rather obvious which character is supposed to get which item as the game really seems streamlined. Speaking of which, there is no manual save feature, no quick save feature to suspend your game mid level and even when the game tells you it is saving, I discovered after having to redo several levels after being told just that, it apparently does not.

If you want a tactics game with somewhat funny dialogue, no voice acting, and a host of tiny buttons, then give this a try, but I should have passed.

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GF Rating


Better then the Reviewers give it credit for.

posted by Wookie345 (LEES SUMMIT, MO) Feb 11, 2011

Member since Mar 2005

Dawn of Heroes, panned by the Reviewers.

It's not that bad people.

First off, let's start with the Story, a King fights the ultimate evil, unlike most cliches in RPGs, he fails, but he desides to place a curse on the evil, but it effects him as well. The King's 6 Loyal Barons and Baronesses take over the 6 lands in his place. This is where our story begins.

We follow the 2 characters, 2 mercenaries, sent on a mission to find a book in a haunted house, this is where the first battle occurs, We have a Fighter (Jiro) and a Monk (i think Reynold, my memory is bad)

After defeating them, a magical, floating, talking belt (im serious) tells them they are heroes of legend, Reynold, being the simpleton he is, believes the belt right off the bat and immediatly wants to go on the quest the belt speaks of, Jiro on the other hand, is skeptical and on top of that, does not want to be a hero cause "heroes don't get paid" (which in alot of RPGs cases, hes got a point).
Thats how the Story starts.

For Battles, its a grid system that enforces a strict 'Fair Play' system that makes it so no one can be attack more then 2 times per turn, with exception being either the character is the last one left or a champion unit.

Levels are strange, for rather then everyone leveling individually, basically the entire party shares 1 experience level (all future recruits being your party's level no matter what)

You can recruit more party members via taverns in towns, and in a few cases a few join automatically.

I'll be honest, to progress through the game, you may have to (and by may have to, i mean likely have to) go back to previous levels to complete the bonus objectives to unlock items, which will make it so you can proceed, which might i add, most the time the bonus objectives are 'hidden'. Which is why i found the game so sodding difficult.

But it's not a bad game, just frustrating at times, and doesn't deserve it's low score.

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