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GF Rating


Really addictive

posted by solarsoar (FAIRFAX, VA) Oct 3, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

There are a few strategy games I find addictive and this very quickly became one of them. I like the multiple aspects of developing and managing colonies. While I've read negative reviews of the story mode, I think you need to look at it as a very long tutorial, except in this case there's an elaborate story that goes with it. I liked the story mode because it gave the game a whole background scenario. So when you're playing in the continuous mode, you know the characters and what's happening. To jump right into continuous mode is fine, but you need to realize 1) there's a steep learning curve because of the multifaceted aspect of this game and 2) there's no signal or mark for stopping once all the achievements are complete. For those who like a little context with their gameplay, there really isn't much point after that.

A couple of issues though: 1) you need a very steady hand for plopping down buildings. Depending on how sensitive the controls are, you may end up putting things a bit out of place. I overcame this by zooming in closer to the spot I'm targeting. 2) The controls in military mode when you move troops around is quite laborious. Especially getting from the ship to the beachhead and then onto the rest of the island. There is a time lag as the troops march through the island, which takes so long that a building might already be taken by the time the troops get there. The trick I found was to place two barracks right next to each other, when defending an island. This way there's no lag time to defend one or the other and you can send troops out of one while using the troops on the second to evenly distribute troops between the two barracks. Focus on the barracks which either allows you produce more troops and prevents the opponent from doing the same.

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GF Rating

Above Average

okay. nothing too spectacular.

posted by fraskew (MATTHEWS, NC) Sep 29, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

this is a solid game. it's got few flaws, but all in all, it plays well. on one hand, experienced players that are familiar with civilization and the like will probably whip through story mode quickly. but it's not a bad thing exactly, as some of the goals get tedious. there's an awful lot of waiting around, watching your carts go back and forth from field to market so you can accumulate the needed quantities of whatever resource to advance. younger, or less experienced players will be much more challenged by the scenario driven story mode. it's very guided, and your helper charcters in the game constantly chirp out the same directions, over and over. this is annoying, but can be adjusted down.

continuous play is your basic melee mode. there are some variables you can adjust for this mode, but it is mostly a basic set-up.

the main issue i have is that the game isn't deep enough in planning and expansion to be a strategy game, or detailed enough in economics and progression to be a sim game. instead it bounces along in the middle, but never really makes it as either type.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Been there, built that

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Aug 5, 2009

Top Reviewer

Member since Jan 2008

It is time to head south, young man, in Dawn of Discovery. The people are starving and it's up to you to establish colonies on islands south of the kingdom.
With such colonies, you build houses for residents, farms to make food, churches for education (what?) and other establishments to do other tasks like make clay pots, mine for iron and stone, cut down trees for wood, and produce milk.
You can play the Story Mode that has you fufilling certain tasks - tasks such as have a colony with a certain number of inhabitants, find treasure or make a certain amount of a certain type of good.
Or you can play Continuous Play, where you make your own colony from scratch and build it up to something amazing.
Wait a second. This game feels like a midevil version of SimCity - and a much simpler version of SimCity. It doesn't bring anything new or fresh to that genre.
There are other problems I had with this game.
First off, whenever there's a shortage of food or clothing, the game nags at me over and over again to take care of the problem. It just doesn't let up. Even after I make the needed adjustments to solve the problem, it continues to whine about the lacking supplies for a few more minutes.
Secondly, the story in Story Mode doesn't thrill me one bit. There's not much conflict, and it preaches too much.
The biggest problem I had with the game is that the gameplay becomes stale and repetitive after a few chapters in Story Mode or about an hour in Continuous Play. When I make a building, it would just land on the selected plot of land with a thud - unlike in SimCity where I can see the building being built over time.
Dawn of Discovery is a great fix for those looking to feed their city building needs, but it doesn't hold my interest long enough for me to purchase it. RENT IT.

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