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Final battle opponent

When you defeat Lazaurus, if you choose to break the spell of the west, in the final battle you will fight Tala in her vampire form. If you choose to become the new lord of vampires you will fight your ghost-friend Cassidy, when she is an angel, then kill Tala in the intermission sequence.

Rapid fire pistol

Hold down the fire button (R) on the pistol (Redeemer) to "fan" it, or shoot in rapid fire.

Rapid fire

When you pick up the dual pistols and are fighting a Banshee, Blob, or Dark Mark (Evil Tree), hold down the trigger. You will rapid fire and kill the enemy a lot faster.

Hold two weapons

Press Down to switch to your second weapon slot. This is useful if you are saving a rail rocket or shotgun. Also, press Up to switch between dynamite and splitter grenades (if available).

How to beat Banshees

Be careful when fighting banshees. If you cut off their arms and they still live, they will fire non-stop energy balls at you. Shoot them in the head once with a shotgun or twice with just about everything else. Sharpshooters should use a high powered rifle to zoom in close. Aim between the eyes, then fire. Its head will roll off (at least on the ground).

How to beat Lazaurus

When fighting Lazaurus for the final time, hide in the house when he is using his twister move. It will shield you. Also, when he shoots his fireballs and smoke clouds, shoot them. They will blow up and you will be unharmed.

Quick clear

When fighting a group of enigmas and there is a Dark Mark (Evil Tree), quickly go for the tree. Destroy it before fighting any enemies. When it is destroyed, it will shoot a shockwave, instantly destroying all enemies in that area.

Blood vision

Click the Right Analog-stick to activate your "blood" vision.


Click the Left Analog-stick to duck.