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posted by william7 (BRONX, NY) Jan 26, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

what a game what an ending what a story got to the best game ive played in years

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posted by Raven202 (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Jan 24, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

good game overall; action packed fighting with clever puzzle design...if you dont like puzzles in your fighting games you may want to stay away...a few framerate issues and screen tearing THE ENTIRE GAME!!!

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Feel the Power of the Horseman of War!

posted by KHMDark (COVINGTON, GA) Jan 24, 2010

Member since Feb 2009

Darksiders. Strange name for a game based on the Four Horsemen. A better name might have been Darkriders... meh.

This is a good game, not the BEST, mind you, but still better then most.

The story is the first thing I'll mention; You start the game as War, the strongest Horseman of the Four. You had just crashed down in New York during the Apocolypse, and soon you find out that War was called too early, his Brothers still lying in wait, even though he accepted "The Call", which is the sginal for the Horseman to come. Then later War is charged with treason by -Sorry! No Spolier for the name!-, but he convinces them to let him find the ones responcible, even though they took all of his powers. So, War being blamed and punished with no powers, he goes to Earth 100 years later. All of the humans are dead... not exactly a comforting thought for us humans, huh?

The story gets more interesting as it gets on, the voice acting is very good (can't believe they got the guy who voiced as Gaara from Naruro to voice as War! That's awesome! xp ) with unique characters. But, to me, the cutscenes are FAR too short. I know it's an action game, but story is important, too! Oh, and "Chaos Mode" can be used more often then you would think (it's where War turns into a giant monster thing and can't be killed. It's sweet. xp).

The gameplay is where the meat of the game is. It's sort of like God of War, but you have to go to a merchant to get the upgrades and other items and weapons.

Now... some bad things... some of the puzzles are harder then they need to be... the camera sometimes goes into a bad place or courner (sometimes), and sometimes the game throws too many enemies at you at once and you feel sort of overwhelmed. Not a good feeling when you face three Elite enemies at once. O-o

In the end, this is a game you should at least rent. It's fun, some of the puzzles are interesting (if some are very annoying... >.<), and you get to be a Horseman! Can't get much better!XD

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