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This game is just plain fun....

posted by haon885 (CORALVILLE, IA) Jun 22, 2010

Member since May 2010

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

First, a small caveat: I've never played GOW. I don't have a PS2/3, my friends don't have one, and I'm not going to California to play on my cousin's. So for all I know, this game really could be a lot lower quality when compared to it like EVERY SINGLE CRITIC seems to think.

But what I do know is that this game is extremely fun. Here's a rundown of the goods and bads:

1) Fun combat and leveling system (for the sword)
2) Loved the background: neutrality is rarely pushed as the best in videogames
3) The voiceacting and character models were awesome
4) The puzzle/platforming compents are surprisingly well done. It's not rocket science or the LSAT's logic games, but after some of the puzzles I definitely had a warm tingly feeling telling me I had actually used my brain!
5) The ending was confusing but left me drooling for a sequel...

1) There's no real need to use the other weapons
2) The story, while well told, was rather cliche
3) The Watcher got old pretty fast, even if Mark Hamil did throw in his talent for the chap.
4) Exploring was fun, but a little too time consuming. They really needed a "run faster" feature.

Bottom line is, however, this game leaves you feeling like you had a great time! It doesn't get much better than that.

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GF Rating


This game is definitly worth keeping

posted by geekgamer (SANDY, UT) Oct 14, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

4 out of 4 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I enjoyed this game thoroughly, but I will say that I was lost as to what side I was on in the beginning. I started killing demons and thought to my self, hey I'm on the good side I guess than I start killing angel guards and I'm thinking wait, I'm on the bad side? Than realized that I just got screwed over by both sides and I thought that played in well with my mentality in the game. I won't spoil the ending but dammit it made me demand for a Darkside 2, it was good.

This game has everything, fantastic storyline, excellent interchangable combat system, great graphics, tough enemies, puzzles, and challenges that force you to be creative. Like the part where you use inert bombs and lit them with throwing crossblade to a torch than to the bomb. I couldn't figure that out for so long than when I did, I started applying the concept in combat where I would throw inert bombs on enemies than blew them up with my crossblade, sometimes I would start off with that than move in to attack. This brings me to the combat portion which I dont' think is just press x a million times, you can setup demons with the crossblade and start attacking, pull to them with the grappling hook, interchange attack with x and y to create your own combos, what's great about the gameplay is that it's smooth so no jerkiness if you decide to mix up the sword and scythe action. Also you can switch easily to the fist if you want in the middle of the combo. The freedom to kill the enemies how you want to is what makes the combat system the best I've ever played.

The story is awesome, well written, and draws you in it to where you feel you have a personal interest in the storyline. The animation kills are awesome and make you feel like a badass.

The only negative was that sometimes you don't know where to go or what to do, like when your forging the armageddon blade, I stumbled on to two of the pieces accidently because I was absolutely clueless as to where to go. An excellent game otherwise.

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By far worth playing.

posted by stormeater (RICHARDSON, TX) Jan 8, 2010

Member since Mar 2009

32 out of 37 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

Graphics: Good. There is some display bugs (screen tearing) everyone once in a while, but the animations and combat graphics are very detailed and integrate extremely well into the environment and controls of the user.

Audio: Good. Each aspect of the game has audio encoded into the objects. Every little thing makes it's own sounds and the combat audio is crisp and fitting for the attacks. Music is typical of the genre, dark and foreboding, but overall quite epic.

Story: Great. The first hour of the game is actually quite different from thereafter. Some adjustment to this portion would make the game more enjoyable. Once the ball gets rolling the story and gameplay weave together very cohesively. Vigil has done an awesome job taking elements of the biblical and fantasy worlds and merging them into an interesting dynamic. Where few have tried and most have failed at using any biblical figures and story and integrating it into a purely fictional world, this was very entertaining and worked perfectly to give Darksiders it's own appeal.

Gameplay: Great. As others have stated, this game plays like a mixture of God of War/Devil May Cry and Zelda. Combat is very fast and fluid, and the controls are spot on. Many combination and weapon types can be used interchangeably, and your combat prowess continues to grow until the end of the game. Gear collection and dungeon raiding is similar to Zelda, but I think superior in several ways. Each of the items collected are useful in not only traversing the lands, but in direct combat. The puzzles in the dungeons were challenging and even rewarded you for returning to them later during the game.

I would really rate this game an 8.7.

Summary: Unique world, great combat, and challenging dungeons make Darksiders game of pure, fun entertainment.

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