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Very Underrated Game

posted by msdawg81 (Olive Branch, MS) Jun 23, 2010

Member since Dec 2007

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This game may not bring anything revolutionary to the table, but it takes a lot of great aspects from various genres and puts them together into a very solid title. A lot of people will get technical to pick apart different things in Darksiders, but the most important question to me when reviewing a game is this... Did you have fun playing it? Personally, I had a blast from start to finish, and I was extremely impressed with how the game progressed. Let's just say that there is always another tool to gain, a new spell to learn, or a new fighting skill to incorporate into your battles. Redundancy is non-existent in Darksiders.

One other thing that I'd like to point out is that I am not a fan of button mashing action games. That doesn't mean that a game can't have combos or duel weapon wielding, but I like games that involve a good story, strategy in combat, and new areas/weapons to unlock. This one had them at all.

With all that said, the only thing keeping this game from a perfect 10 for me was that I found the boss battles lacking. The characters, themself, were epic and there were some great opportunities. However, it just seemed that they all had a fairly simple and obvious trick to them and once you found that out, you could finish a monstrous boss off in about 3-4 minutes. I don't want to take away from a great game by stating this, but again, I think they could have done more in this department.

My recommendation... If you haven't played this game, go rent it today

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Bringing fun back to videogames

posted by Arcdelad (SAVANNAH, GA) Jan 7, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

133 out of 142 gamers (94%) found this review helpful

The site reviews on this game are all over the board - some say the control scheme is too complicated, others too simple. Some say it's too derivative, others praise the fact it picks the best of certain games and mixes them together.

As someone not paid to play these things, I can say this game is just flat out fun. There is a lot to be said about a game being ENJOYABLE to play, not whether or not it revolutionizes the genre or sports graphics better than its competition.

If you liked Zelda, Soul Reaver, Metroid, or Castlevania, you are going to dig this. There is a ton of exploration to do, with ample amount of collectibles. Your powers grow organically through the collection of 'souls' that you trade for upgrades, new weapons, and consumables.

There are a ton of moves here - but it never gets overly complicated because you gain each through the afore mentioned upgrade process, so you are perfecting the moves you already have while you are earning souls for the next. In my opinion, having too many moves is never a bad thing - it gives you options and lets you play the way you want to play.

The combat is very satisfying, and will satiate your bloodlust. Chaining finishing moves together or distance impaling a baddie with a parking meter never gets tired, and the animations are crunchy. The combat is NOT as tight as in a game like "Arkham Asylum", but it is still very good.

The exploration also comes with a graduated system where you can explore more and more areas as you gain items which give you more powers.

There are some graphical issues (screen tearing as they call it), but honestly you wont notice as you will be too engrossed in stacking up combos and severing limbs, or exploring every nook of the map.

A game that is just a blast to play....imagine that?

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Is being compared to GREAT games a bad thing?

posted by Midway (CAROL STREAM, IL) Jan 13, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

84 out of 94 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed my time with Darksiders. So much so that after renting it from Blockbuster, it made me sign up for a Gamefly account! While the game is long for an Action game (around 20 hours), it's not long enough to justify me purchasing it.

I've read a few of the average to above average reviews from the 'professional' gaming sites and most of the criticism seems to be that it does the same thing that many great games do such as God of War, Zelda, etc. My question is... why is that a negative?!?!?!

Yes, it does many of the same things, but it does them VERY, VERY well and with it's own style. I love the art direction of the main character, WAR, and the surrounding world. WAR reminds me of a Warhammer 40K space marine and guess what... THQ makes the game and have a Space Marine Action/RPG coming out later this year... can't wait!!!

While some of the common enemies can become repetitive, the Boss battles are excellent! The game also may be slightly on the easy side when compared to games like Ninja Gaiden, but IMO that is also a good thing. Ninja Gaiden became extemely frustrating for me at times to the point it took the FUN out of the game. And that is the point of game right? Fun!

That is exactly what Darksiders is for me, FUN! The combat flows great and the leveling/upgrade system always makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. If you are even a casual fan of Action games, do yourself a favor and rent this game!

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