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posted by nickibones (PLYMOUTH, NH) Sep 11, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

this game was a blast for the most part the story was gripping to say the least, combat also a smash. The puzzles however had far to much hand holding. overall this game is worth a rental for any zelda or god of war fans.

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very medicore

posted by jakzeam (ALBANY, NY) Apr 6, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

this is about the apocaplyze the war one of the horsemen is blamed for so you try to prove ur innocence by killing the demon king to the point this game is pretty dull combat feel pretty slow and dodging is bad gameplay never feels to change much theres barely any characters in here just mainly the 1 demon that helps u and the world doesnt seem that interesting just empty i would consider playing darksiders 2 a major improvement amazing open world action title

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Familiar, yet still entertaining.

posted by Majin72 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Jan 28, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

Darksiders is a very familiar game because it borrows elements from all of the popular action adventure games spanning the last decade or so. If you feel like you're playing Zelda, God of War or Devil May Cry, now you know why.

Graphically speaking, it fits the world and story being presented, though you will notice that some effects will disappear at times, like the arc of your sword while on horseback.

The sound and music are also fitting, with the voice work also being well done. Mark Hamill makes use of his Joker voice as the Watcher, as well, which is a treat.

Gameplay is kind of a mixed bag. At times it is fun and engaging, others, it's dull and repetitive. Enemies don't really respawn much in the game and the amount of souls used for and experience received for augmenting your weapons is severely lacking to the point of having to return to one of two locations to continuously farm enemies for hours on end. Also, there are at least two incredibly tedious trophies that end up requiring the use of these locations.

Also of note, there is a lack of flow in combat. You will find attacks not properly stunning enemies or combos breaking after the third button press. It seems that the counter relies on every hit, so if you have a multi-hit attack and the first hit misses, your combo breaks. The scythe's basic combo is incredibly guilty of this. On top of that, there is no flow between weapons, like what you've come to expect from DMC or GoW.

Overall, the game is fun and enjoyable. I highly recommend for a definite rental or possible purchase.

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