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GF Rating

Very Good

God of War (Minus "God of")

posted by Alariche (BLOOMINGTON, IL) Jun 9, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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Darksiders is a game clearly built to be similar in platforming style as the God of War series. The gameplay borrows heavily from the hack and slash action, with the pop up buttons being used in interactive cut scenes, and massive scale epic battles.

Darksiders combines excellent voice acting with a great story, and uses a wonderfully animated and very diverse world to tell it's story in.

The Story, simply put, is that there exists 4 sides in creation. 1) Heaven, 2) H ell, 3) Humanity. Those 3 sides are in a stalemate, wherein the agreement stands, they will not battle until they are of equal power. Humanity has a ways to go.

But who enforces this treaty? Side #4, The Four Horsemen. Enter our main character, War, who is summoned to Earth which is being attacked by Heaven, and H ell. The final battle has begun, but both sides seem confused about why. And War's power is waning, because the 7th Seal was not broken, to indicate the beginning of the battle. He was not supposed to be there.

The game chronicles what happens when a vehicle for Justice is thrust into a twisting plot with many facets of action. In the opening battle, War is struck down as his Four Horsemen powers finally fail him entirely, without the 7th Seal having been broken. He is struck down by a large Demon and find himself faced with only one option: ally with H ell to restore balance, at least for now.

This journey returns many weapons and abilities, introduces interesting characters (some foes, some allies), and allows us to see what has happened in the thousands of years that have passed since War died.

In the end, the gameplay is smooth and has an easy learning curve, the visuals are immersive and the music is excellent. The voice acting is quite good (Phil LaMarr and Mark Hamill of note), and the overall experience definitely rivals God of War in enjoyability.

If you liked God of War or Dante's Inferno, you'll like Darksiders.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Very bloody, very fun

posted by Drumrguy (TUALATIN, OR) Jun 1, 2010

Member since Nov 2007

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I was pretty skeptical about this game when it first came out, thought it would be just another run of the mill hack n' slash. But I was wrong. Right from the get-go this game is pretty violent, which is a good thing. In the first level you run around the destroyed city streets fighting angels and when you do enough damage you get to do a really cool finishing move that includes cutting their wings off and stabbing them right through the chest. And each enemy has its own cool finishing move you can do. The graphics are top notch, the art style looks like something straight out of a graphic novel. My biggest complaint is with the camera. Sometimes it'll be in some less than helpful angle when you're in the middle of a huge battle, which can be a little frustrating. But that is in no way a reason not to play this game. Darksiders is awesome!
By the way people, stop saying that every hack n' slash action adventure game that comes along is a God of War rip-off. Most games in that genre are going to have some of the same characteristics, that doesn't mean they're all trying to be exactly like one specific title. Granted God of War is an excellent game but it wasn't the first hack n' slash game ever created. Try to keep an open mind when gaming.

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GF Rating


Cool game, not what i expected.

posted by Breadlee87 (TULSA, OK) May 11, 2010

Member since May 2010

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I thought this game was really cool. I like RPG style games with good stories. Darksiders storyline was pretty unique. It got frustratng at times trying to do all of the puzzles but there aren't any that are impossible. The controls are easy to use and flow pretty well.

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