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Darksiders II

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Kinda dissappointing

posted by Element187 (ORLANDO, FL) Feb 2, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

I can't say I would recommend this game to anyone. Its buggy as all get out (it has froze my console at least 5 times already), the polygons are atrocious, the art style leaves me felling meh, and the story isn't very engaging and after 8 hours of play, I don't feel compelled to keep playing..... and for people thinking this game is anything like Zelda, don't listen to those reviewers who compare it to LOZ, because its nowhere close. The game feels closer to Ninja Gaiden 3 than Legend of Zelda... If you just like hacking and slashing a ton of bad guys you will like it, but the repetition has bored me to tears.. I will give it one more hour of play before I return it.

It does have one bright spot: The music in this game is fantastic

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GF Rating

Very Good

Death to nice?

posted by ThornlessDrop21 (HENDERSONVILLE, TN) Jan 26, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

I thought this game was richer in story and creativity than the first. The building of the weapons to my custom play was something that made me play the game longer and longer. The only thing that they really screwed the pooch on was freezing. In my experience I almost tossed my control at the screen for these reasons while playing the addons. Having to get rid of many of my good weapons just to move on without it freezing. Whats up with that?

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Above Average

Pretty Good

posted by ManInUS (MONROE, NC) Jan 20, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

I personally liked this game. I just loved having sythes and hammers as weapons to slaughter my enemies. What I didn't like was the enviornment and the bird I had to follow. The bird led me to places I've already gone to and back and forth on random doors. I was lost the entire time in the game. That bird didn't help much later. I found the enemies a little harder to kill than they needed to be, but overall, the game was pretty good with it's graphics, weapons, the horse, and the beauty of the large scale enviornments. It just didn't do good with the structure of the more closed in enviornments, the harder-to-kill enemies, and the bird. This adventure game is not a game for me, but I would recommend this for someone who loves complex adventure games.

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