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Vigil deserves Dev of The Year

posted by Venomspire (ATHENS, GA) Aug 15, 2012

Member since Apr 2011

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Just like Rocksteady did with the Batman Arkham games, Vigil has done with Darksiders. While the first installment was an amazing game to start off with, Joe Mad and Vigil took it a million steps further. Loot system that rivals the like of Diablo and Kingdoms of Alamur, check. Deep RPG elements that compete with Fallout and Elder Scrolls, check. Fighting mechanics a la God of War and Devil May Cry, check. Add on the art direction, beautiful landscapes, and character design that only Joe Mad can come up with and you have a possible GoTY in Darksiders 2. While there may be minor cosmetic graphical issues near the end of the game, they are nothing compared to how great this game is. The only other issue I have found is that as with most action/adventure games the camera angles can sometimes be an annoyance, at best. But again, these are minor issues. Feel like the first game lacked depth? The entire first area (1 of 4) is bigger in size and as long as, in game time, as the entire first game. Still want more? Try taking on their arena known as The Crucible. In the Crucible, you take on 100 waves of enemies at 5 wave intervals. Every 5 waves you have the choice to keep going for better prizes or quit and receive the prize you have earned. In Darksiders 2 you truly are able to make Death your own unique character. With all sorts of visual armor choices, weapon styles, melee skills, arcane skills, no Death will be the same. Another new feature to Darksiders 2 is the addition to Tomes. Tomes are basically an in game messaging system where you can trade items with other users, receive DLC content, and even receive items from characters in game.Lastly, if you felt like the first game was a little easy, Darksiders 2 has added in a NG+ mode and a Nightmare difficulty. Boost your character up through several NG+ runs and try to take on Nightmare mode, where death in any battle will result in your save file being erased. This is my GoTY. Do not pass this game up! 10/10

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Excellent Story/Game

posted by cpt4500 (LAGUNA HILLS, CA) Aug 15, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

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I didn't play the first Darksiders so I am vague on the original story but I read up on it from wiki to get caught up.

The story is not slow or boring, it starts off with great action and compelling story of creators, angels, & demons. Mankind is wiped out, "Death" is all that can save us now!

Action is God of War style while being able to get 100x combos if fighting 4+ monsters. Multiple types of combos with power up abilities while maintaining a skill tree. I am only 3 hours in but hooked, probably going to end up buying this. Gotta love Gamefly for that.

Loot system is simple and not complicated or clunky.

Multiple dungeons to explorer with a Prince of Persia sense of puzzles & acrobatics (Zelda puzzle style as well).

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posted by billyblanks (HENDERSON, NV) Sep 8, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

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