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GF Rating


Almost a 10

posted by D0CT0R (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) Aug 27, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

I really liked the first Darksiders and this one is almost nothing like the first one as far as the game play is a lot more like World of Warcraft mixed with God of War. Even though they are both combat games in Darksiders 2 you can level up your character instead of the weapons only.
There are 2 main skill branches and you can switch back and forth in your development. I just wish that there was at least one more skill tree with more skills. Maybe we'll get that from some DLC. Vulgrim is now no longer the only merchant in the game and there are a bunch of items.
The combat seems a little more refined than in the first one, I'm not sure but it feels like there are less combos and more skills so combat feels almost more like Devil May Cry than God of War.

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GF Rating


Just Meh!!!

posted by vlace11 (CEDAR HILL, TX) Aug 27, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

This game was ok for me i actually liked the 1st one more but i liked death better than war the game as a whole was lackluster like ZERO epic moments but if you've played the 1st one you should at least rent this and give it a try.

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GF Rating


Another child of Zelda and God of War

posted by yourdog23 (DENVER, CO) Aug 26, 2012

Member since Jan 2010

There are a lot of reviews out there that I have to disagree with. This game is NOT a clone of God of War. It's equal parts God of War and Legend of Zelda. For me, that's a HUGE difference. The combat pulls from the GoW series, but the adventuring pulls from a rich history of action adventure games. As for the RPG elements here, I barely noticed them. Seeing as how I don't like RPG games, that's a good thing (that I could so easily ignore them). The skill tree is a minor "RPG like" element that I could get into if I tried, but you don't need to spend that much time on it, since it's not complicated. Weapon/item choices do bring different specs into play, but if you just want to ignore most of the stats, you won't find yourself crippled by the end of the game. The fact that you can easily reset all your settings and change all your gear means you can experiment as much or as little as you'd like.

I've heard a lot about bugs with the game, but I can't say that I experienced any of them. The PS3 did freeze up a few times while playing, but plenty of games do that. The game picked up at the most recent check point, so no foul done. THQ has promised quite a bit of DLC, so I'm looking forward to that. For me, this game was definitely one of the few I'm willing to click the keep button.

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