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Darksiders II


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Amazing action RPG

posted by daspartan (HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA) Mar 2, 2013

Member since Apr 2011

This game is an awesome blend of God of War type action with RPG loot principles. It takes a long time to complete and is the loot scales in a rewarding game as you go along. The only thing I would say is a downside is it is a bit too easy on the normal setting, even for younger gamers like my cousin. That isn't too hard to fix, though, just turn it up in difficuilty and you get a satisfying experience! It is too bad that this game didn't sell well - I really hope they make a 3rd one!

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Darksiders II

posted by StacheGamer (HARRISONBURG, VA) Mar 1, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Darksiders is a must have game.
The game play is reminiscent of the older classic games.
While playing through the adventure as Death, you will undoubtedly feel the characteristics of previous games.
Normally I would not enjoy the lack of creativity, but Darksiders II pulled it off. They added little tweeks that make it feel like its own encompassing things we loved from previous titles.
Dungeon crawling feels similar to Zelda with Assassins Creed Climbing requiring you to obtain keys etc. to open doors, as well as a hook to transverse.
Combat feels like God of War/Dark Souls
Through out the adventure you will come across portal abilities similar to portal, but you can only use them on certain locations.
It draws a lot of its inspiration from classic games of the past.
I think they did a great job with the inventory system allowing you to find decent upgrades easily, and if you didn't like something it was easy to sell, or use it to upgrade other items.
This game would of got a 10/10 from me, but there were a few cons.
The game gives you a plethora of unique abilities. However the radial wheel only allows you to use 4 at a time making it difficult to use them effectively. I found I beat the game easily without using them ever. Though they are quite useful, I found it better to assign essential abilities to the keys like grab hand, soul split, and portal.
The menu was fine, but it required you to go through pages and there was a awkward load in between. Not a game breaker, but it annoyed me a bit.
The game is packed full of secrets and side-quests and I loved the feel of the world. It is a great game and you will not be disappointed by playing it. It brings out the best of the old and melts it into a beautiful enjoyable experience.

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GF Rating

Very Good

I was surprised

posted by clev333333 (HOPEDALE, MA) Feb 12, 2013

Member since May 2008

I needed a game to play so I took a chance on this one. Never played the first and wasn't expecting much. The game was very long and at some points very challenging (frustrating) Not so much with the boss battles but with some of the puzzles and trying to figure out where to go next. The level where you have to race up the wall before the floor rises up to kill you was a real pain. I never fully understood how all the armor and weapons affect all Wars different attributes but still managed to beat the game and have some cool weapons. All in all, its a good game that has lots of side quests you could do if you want to keep playing after you beat the final boss. Solid 8 rating.

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