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Darksiders 2

posted by oskeno2 (NEW PARIS, PA) Jan 26, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

Deffinately an awesome rent more baffling and mindblowing than the first..The graphics were fantastic even on a non hd tv which was particularly surprising.the battle system had the old darksiders feel to it with a few tweaks for the main character.. for those who love the bloody mayhem of a one man army this is for you

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posted by Deebo22 (GREENWOOD, IN) Jan 16, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

If your a fan to the series then your transition to Darksiders 2 will be smooth. If not, do not fret. This title will tug at your curiosity to play the first installment. Be warned though Darksiders 2 is just more of Darksiders. More moves, items, quests, story and so on. First, I found that everything I accomplished in this title was towards the goal of assisting my brother War.(sry no spoilers here)The characters in Darksiders are the life blood of the game. Voice talents are ok and the atmosphere, character designs, and story meld well with how much gravity the cast brings to the title. I was intrigued by War and so also with Death. The two are similar in many rights. The Charred Council are still just a bunch of power thugs. I was very glad that they had little appearance in this title. Vulgrim is by far one of my fav characters. He is one of your merchants and he also has secret bonus quests. Joining Vulgrim are a few other merchant types that serve the same purpose but lack his personality also each one has a side quest for you. Their are weapons trainers that give you more moves to purchase. Note their is plenty of loot to be had.
I thoroughly enjoyed the music and sound fx. I found some similarity to Elder Scrolls at points. Nice touch.
The puzzle solving is enjoyable. Reminisce to the clock tower puzzle in the first prince of persia(headache) but oh so rewarding.
Skills that help Death in battle like minions. Which are upgradable. Sweet. A gun which just seemed more like a pellet gun in terms of damage and use, fail. Tons of weapons both big and small each with their own sets of moves, ok, ok. Im good with that. Armor that is visible on Death, upgrade. Health and magic pots, some abound others not so. Lastly, a horseman is only complete with his horse, Despair. Who is wicked cool. Then there is Dust. A odd compainon but symbolic to Death. A green glowing crow btw. This title is an acquired taste. I recommend. thanks for reading. gameON

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excellent legacy

posted by olicapone (CORONA, CA) Sep 18, 2013

Member since Sep 2010

This game helped thaw out and already great idea with the first iteration and delved deeper into battle and combat mechanics. A definite MUST BUY for any fan of the series and if you are not a fan of the series and appreciate such games as Legend of Zelda, God of War, Devil May Cry, and other great games along the genre of action/adventure then this will be an amazing experience for you.

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